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Pick a Date for Cinco de Mayo Taco Party

Pick a Date for Cinco de Mayo Taco Party

Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of winning the Battle for Puebla. This battle is significant because it marks Mexico’s winning independence from the French. The French army was much larger, stronger and had far more advanced technology and equipment. Still, the Mexicans won the battle and stayed independent of the French.

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Need Script Feedback?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 – Wordsmiths Script Swap Screenwriting Event

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 – Wordsmiths Script Swap Screenwriting Event

Need feedback on a script? Bring your script in any format to this event and get constructive feedback you can really use. Be sure to include the script title and writer’s name on the script. Don’t have a script? Reading scripts will make you a better writer, director, producer, filmmaker and we always need readers!

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“Pruned” Short Film

Pruned Short Film Writer, Director, Producer: Chad Rea Starring Talent: Laurie Coker, Darwin Miller, Laura Ray Two seasoned serial killers do their best to overcome marital problems and celebrate their wedding anniversary with a doomed hitchhiker. Shot with a 4-person...

Thank You Short Film

Thank You Short Film Writer, Producer: Aslan Hollier Director: T.E. Sanders Starring: Aslan Hollier, Victor Seele, Raul Ochoa, Megan Callier, Josh Mullins, Angela Fant, Heather Cullen Website: Jack lives in a black and white...