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A support, networking & collaboration community for film, video & media makers of all types & skill levels. We bring people together though a wide range of events & programs. We focus on raising skill levels & professionalism through increased awareness, education & experience. We encourage a sense of community & a pay-it-forward attitude within our group. We help each other by helping each other. We are producers, directors, actors, crew, artists, promoters, writers, photographers, cinematographers, designers, grips, gaffers, sound mixers, sound recordists, sound designers, musicians, composers, coordinators, and more. It takes a village to raise a film!

Our Mission

We believe in helping each other help each other. We work together to accomplish more, faster, better. We welcome anyone with an interest in pursuing film, video or new media. We are producers, crew, directors, actors, artists, gaffers, promoters, writers, designers, photographers, coordinators, cinematographers, grips, sound mixers & recordists, musicians, sound designers, composers, coordinators & more! It takes a village to raise a filmmaker!

Our History

Originally a group consisting of a handful of people, the Austin Filmmakers Meetup was first started by a man named "E" but when he had to move out of state due to a family emergency, Mike Rembis stepped up to the plate. He continued the group as a small social mixer. A little later, Mike also moved away from Austin leaving the group's leadership to H.Cherdon, who immediately began making changes to focus the group. In just a few short months, she grew the mixer from a small casual beer social to a large community of power networkers. Since assuming the leadership role, our group has played host to a wide range of events servicing the local Austin film, video and new media community. For more than two years, we hosted weekly events on a wide variety of topics from Actors Showcases to Equipment Show and Tells to Guest Presentations to Reels Showcases and much more.

More than anything, Austin Film Meet builds community. We’ve been called “the group that gets things done” & “an AA for indie filmmaking junkies”.

Our events are produced by H.Cherdon and Brandon Boggs of Humblebee Media and supported by a handful of generous, devoted volunteers. Held monthly, the Austin Film Meet Industry Mixer & Open Mic has grown to be one of the largest mixers in Central Texas and has been a staple of the local video and film scene for many years now.

First hosted as the Reel Women First Monday Mixer, it eventually became a joint mixer between Reel Women and Austin Film Meet. After Reel Women dissolved in the summer of 2011, Austin Film Meet continued the tradition.

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