Help Us Create a Home for Austin Film Meet!

The Hive is Austin Film Meet's Plan for a Co-Working Space

Austin's indie filmmakers & video content producers need a place where they can bootstrap their own opportunities. A space with equipment and resources to expedite progress and facilitate cross-promotion and cross-pollination between creators.

The Hive is a creative coworking concept that Austin Film Meet is currently working to accomplish. The meager profits retained from various events hosted by Austin Film Meet gets tucked away safely in a piggy bank designated for our future studio. The studio will be a home to our organization, as well as a place for our members to gather. It would serve as a venue for various events and might also provide an affordable rental studio option for our members. A space would allow us to grow and explore new opportunities and new frontiers, as well as stretch our creative legs.

clubhouseThe Dome and Spectrum and the old Newseum is going to reopen as a major cultural arts center in Arlington, Virginia.

The Hive is a Clubhouse for Creatives!


Main Lounge – By day this large space serves as a co-working office with comfy seating, some tables, desks, plenty of computer displays and power outlets, and high-speed Wi-Fi Internet. At night, this space is transformed into a large event venue for screenings, presentations, workshops and other special events with seating for more than 100 attendees.

Office Tools - Our co-working space offers our members a selection to printers including laser, ink jet, & large format. It also has lamination machines with all the your basic office tools like scissors, rulers, paper cutting stations, hole punches, and even pencil sharpeners.

Biz Card Boards – A place where members can promote their events & services.

Screening Theater - Small screening theater with a large HD display and seating for, at least, 30 people.

Rehearsal Room - A small multipurpose space perfect for hosting rehearsals, meetings, classes and small events.

Editing bays - Both PC & Mac editing stations.

Art Gallery - Rotating collections of unique art.

Prop Construction Work Shop - A space for making props & set pieces with access to power tools including saws and drills, as well as painting supplies.

Sewing Station - A workspace dedicated to costumes & wardrobe, fabric & textiles with access to sewing machines, fabric & crafts supplies.

Printing Room - Access to printing machines such as laser, ink jet, large format, and a screen printing machine to make T-shirts for your film crew and promotional merchandise.



Printing Room - Access to printing machines such as laser, ink jet, large format, and a screen printing machine to make T-shirts for your film crew and promotional merchandise.

Equipment Rental - A range of film and video equipment available to members at ridiculously-low rental fees.

Small Sound Booth - For recording good clean sound and voice-over.

Snack Bar - During co-working hours members can visit the self-serve cafe area. There's everything you need to make a meal, a freezer, fridge, microwave, toaster, sink and even an electric cook top; and free coffee, tea, snacks are available for members. During special events the space easily converts to a swanky service bar complete with a few stools & a tip jar.

gameroom-2Game room – Ping pong, video games, couches, board games, Foosball, and of course, an acoustic guitar. Nothing like playtime to stimulate your creative juices!

Outdoor Garden Patio - An outdoor space with a variety of comfy seating, tables, and umbrellas all surrounded by a lush garden of reclaimed plants and flowers.

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Here's What We Need:


In order to keep the space, we need members. It's only $60/year, so please join. Not only do Membership dues help pay for our new space, but they also show another mark of support from the community.


Most of all, we need a permanent space. Either donated space or money to lease a space. Either way, we need a home.


Yep! Dolla dolla billz! But we don't need much to get started.


Once we get a space, we're going to need a lot of stuff for it. Equipment, supplies, furnishings. Check this list below.

sam-wants-youYou Can Help!

“Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out” ― Martin Scorsese

The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.  -Ellie Rodriguez

“Film is, to me, just unimportant. But people are very important.” ― John Cassavetes, Cassavetes on Cassavetes 

How Will the Hive Face the Risks & Challenges?

Why We Must Face the Risks and Challenges As with any project of this size, we are certain to encounter our share of inevitable obstacles. We know we'll face problems we can’t anticipate, but with more funding we’ll be able to work through those issues and find...