I'm very manipulative towards directors. My theory is that everyone on the set is directing the film, we're all receiving art messages from the universe on how we should do the film.
- Jeff Bridges

The Nature of Directing: What to Expect

The director has the toughest job of all on a film set. A director is father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, to the cast and crew. A person has to be all that, the captain of the ship, but what happens when the journey is rough?

8 DIY Prop Gun Designs to Make Your Own

Need prop guns for as little money as possible? Try these DIY designs and make your own prop guns and weapons for your indie film. D.I.Y "Hellboy" gun prop and holster DIY MP40 Machine Gun Prop TF2 Baby Face's Blaster DIY How to Make a Replica of the Pistol From Tf2...

Good Setiquette

Nothing is more important than know what is and is not expected when you’re on the set.

Composers Panel

Much thanks to Cynthia Stein of CUTS Austin for recording and posting these videos: And thanks to our panelists: David Pencil Justin Durban Dan Wilson Lauren Morris

How to Direct Actors with CC Courtney

On Monday, January 18, 2010, the Austin Film Meet gathered at the Rude Mechanicals’ Off Center theatre in Austin, Texas, for an amazing presentation by Meisner instructor CC Courtney. More than 60 people attended and two scenes and one monologue were performed.

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