CREW CALL! I'm an MFA candidate in Screenwriting at UT-Austin, and I am looking for valued crew to help me complete my first short. Let me tell you a little about my script ...

It's a political ensemble piece taking place in a high school (West Wing meets Breakfast Club). The primary theme is, How do we foster empathy among people who are completely different to each other, especially in today's political climate? It's not a comedy -- it's a seven-page drama with a couple of one-liners.

I need a bunch of different crew positions (esp. an editor!!), but what I'm really looking for is a team of people who are available end of October/early November and who are looking for a project where, whatever your specialty, you can DO WHAT YOU DO BEST without much interference. My focus is going to be learning the ropes of directing, and I want a team that wants to collaborate with me along the way.

If that sounds like a project you could get on board with, email me at

Important FAQ:
Unpaid/Volunteer/Gaining Experience
Scheduling shoot likely for late October/early November
Camera supplies all provided by UT-Austin
Particularly need a film editor, and would like that person present at shoot/potentially combining role with script supervisor

Lindsey Dodge Gudritz

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