If you are an independent filmmaker living in Austin TX and looking for affordable equipment and in need of an editing lab with expensive software from the Adobe Cloud, there is a new co-creating company on Riverside Drive right off Montopolis. The business, founded by Ben Gibson and Shannon Grossman as a co-creating company, offers space and tools to filmmakers to assist them in creating their ideas.


A Work Space and Equipment to Use

Renting film equipment includes paying for each piece of equipment on each rental, where YOUvolution’s monthly membership of only $80 includes the Adobe Creative Cloud, MAC computers, lights, and a GH4 camera. Founder Ben Gibson says they are growing their inventory. “We offer the Cannon AX20 for documentary film work and the Panasonic GH4 for photography and creative shorts. We have shotgun microphones, lavaliers, and plenty of audio gear. We offer apple computers with the complete Creative Cloud available to all of our members and they have 24-hour access to the editing space.”

But is it affordable?

They charge an $80 a month membership fee. There are no contracts to sign, so the filmmaker can use us at his or her leisure.

Networking Is Also Important!

If you are a creative or independent filmmaker wanting to connect with other like-minded creatives, YOUvolution has a lot to offer in networking, as well. And YOUvolution itself offers it’s own video production consulting service. “We are collaborating with directors currently making music videos, non-profit videos, and creative shorts,” Gibson explains. “People with video service needs come to YOUvolution as well for video work to be done. We are currently outsourcing projects to our collaborating directors in membership for a small percentage of the budget.” If you are a filmmaker in need of producer, someone to organize your concept for a project, someone to consult on what the project budget will probably cost and what you will need to put it together, YOUvolution can help with that.


So far, it seems like YOUvolution is offering Austin’s indie media community the perfect resource for self-motivated filmmakers and creatives in need of a place to edit and basic gear packages for their video production projects, all at an affordable monthly fee.

Interested in learning more and signing up? Email getstarted@yvimpact.com and someone will get back with right away!

What do you think?

Have you used YOUvolution? Did you find it helpful? Are you a member of another coworking community for filmmakers? Tell us what your opinion in the comment section below.

Ben Snyder

Ben has been successfully producing short films since founding Subcreations Productions in 2003, 2 of which have been official selections for film festivals worldwide. Ben graduated with a BA in English from Campbell University, obtained an MFA in Screenwriting & Film Studies at Hollins University, and now works for Ashford University online in Introduction to Film. His hit webseries “Bleed” has received critical acclaim and international viewership. Ben launched The Show! in 2011 as a way for Austin Filmmakers & Comedians to show their work in front of a live audience. He has written for Spiderwood Studios in Austin TX including a creature feature film called "Darker Than Night", and a comic book titled "Mercury Man".

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