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So you wanna send an email message to the entire Austin Film Meet mailing list? Okay, make sure you follow the advice below. We reserve the right to refuse any submission for any reason. However, follow the advice below and we’ll probably approve your message to the group. Thank you!

DO subscribe to the Austin Film Meet Google group. You can select your preferred setting: receive every mail as it’s sent out, receive one email daily, receive one email weekly or receive no email at all. You choose, but don’t lose by not subscribing at all.

DO make sure your subject line is short, sweet and to-the-point.
For example, if you’ve got a casting call for a film called Snot, your subject line might look like this: “Snot – Casting Call”. Or if you are sending a notice about a function or event, it should look like this: “Reel Women Meeting – 5/18″. For date specific entries, please list the date in the subject. Avoid subject lines like this: “Super cool party this weekend needs extras and camera guy.” Too many words, not to-the-point enough.

DO include as much info as possible.
Of course the more information the better. Use these questions as a guideline for what info you should include. Items in bold are required.

- Title of Project or Working Title
- Short or Feature or Project Type
- 1-2 sentence synopsis
- Character Breakdowns (if for casting call)
- Is this project Non-paid, Paid or Deferred?
- Will meals be provided
- Available crew positions
- Time/location of auditions
- Tentative shoooting schedule
- Tentative shooting locations (cities)
- Specific format, film or video (35mm, 16mm, HD, DV, etc.)
- Intended distribution: direct to video, cable, theatrical, cable access, internet, cd/dvd, in-house industrial, point of sale industrial, director’s reel, trailer, festival circuit
- Contact info, at least an email
- Will you accept JPGs via email?

DO NOT forget contact info.
Seems a lot of people forget this one. An email seems to get the most response, but we recommend including a phone number as well, and a website link if one applies.

DO NOT send duplicates, that’s more than one email per week about a particular event or project. You may send multiple emails provided that each new email have new info.

So, if you think you’re ready, you can submit your message to the group by sending your email directly to: Thanks!


Got a question not listed here? Please send your questions to the organizer at: