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Be part of a community! Austin Film Meet is more than a film event or media organization. We are a true community.

Started many years ago, Austin Film Meet has remained a staple for great film and video networking in Central Texas. Our events and programs have facilitated connections leading to hundreds of short and feature films, pilots and series and lasting friendships.

The quickly growing Austin Film Meet calendar of events will include even more exciting events including panel discussions, workshops and classes, screenings, themed costume parties and even a writing contest. Not only do our members benefit from being part of an active, supportive network of all types of filmmakers and supporters, but members get free or discounted admission to Austin Film Meet events, as well as access to member only services like premium online video content, and more!

Supporting Membership

Our first level of membership offers some awesome perks at an affordable price.

Membership Perks

  • Access to members-only Glossary of Film & Video Terms.
  • Participate in member-only Events such as screenings and parties.
  • Attend Austin Film Meet Events FREE or at a discount
  • Expedited sign-in at Austin Film Meet Open-Mic Mixers. The monthly events are typically well-attended and the non-member registration lines do get quite long.
  • Practice your acting skills by reading scripts at Wordsmiths Script Swaps.
  • Screen your videos in Member Showcase screening events.
  • Socialize at Themed Costumed Potluck Parties.
  • Giveaways & raffles with awesome prizes.
  • Membership card providing member-only discounts on various other film & video related resources, events & products.
  • Get feedback on your scripts at Wordsmiths Script Swaps - free for members.
  • Free listing in the Production Directory - (COMING SOON!)
  • Filmmaker workshop & classes - (COMING SOON!)
  • Exclusive video content including long form video content, tutorials and filmmaker interviews. - (COMING SOON!)
  • Participate in special member-only giveaways and raffles with awesome prizes. - (COMING SOON!)

Support your community and help give flight to more films!

Ultimately, your membership supports the growth of a true community. THANK YOU!

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Supporting Member

1 Year Membership / $60.00 US
Annual Subscription

Member Dues Help Pay for:

  • New PA system & mics for events
  • Name tags for everyone
  • Event venue rental fees
  • Hard drives for video storage
  • Signs & bulletin boards
  • Web hosting & domain registration

Coming Soon

As our organization quickly grows, we are looking forward to a bright future including some awesome things we just can't do without member support:

  • Secure a permanent space
  • Top-notch coworking facilities
  • Promotion boards
  • Workshop & classes
  • More discounts at local vendors
  • Window decals & t-shirts