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Wednesday, September 26, 2018 – Wordsmiths Screenplay Table Read

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 – Wordsmiths Screenplay Table Read

Join us for a table read of several short film scripts written by Austin screenwriters. Austin Film Meet Wordsmiths Screenplay Feedback Session for Screenwriters Wednesday, September 26, 2018 7:30 – 9:30 pm WHERE:   Allstate Agency 13740 Lake Creek Blvd. Austin, TX ...

Auditions & Film Crew Jobs

Invodo – Open Casting For All – Commercial – Austin

Invodo Open Casting Call for Interactive Retail Cellphone Experience 10am to 3pm on 06/14/18 and 06/15/18 211 E 7th St 2nd Floor Austin Tx 78701 This is in preparation for future shoots coming up in July and August. For any questions please email

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33 Audition Tips for Indie Film Actors

Auditions are a requirement for every actor and chances are, you’ll have to do lots of them just to get one part. Here’s a long list of tips to make your next audition go as well as possible.

Promoting an Independent Film Using Social Media

Congratulations! You have completed your film. Pat yourself on the back, but don’t get too comfortable because your ultimate goal is still ahead. Is your film a short or maybe it’s a feature film? Whether short or long form, the main goal now is to secure distribution...

11 Reasons Why Austin Is the Best City for Indie Filmmakers

Austin is an amazing place to live as a filmmaker and content creator. Here are some reasons why: Austin has awesome light. We're closer to the equator and the shines a lot here. We have long days in the summer and winter and there's plenty of daylight and gorgeous...

Austin Music Video Festival Submissions Update

In a recent newsletter, Austin Music Video Festival announced... We are currently accepting music videos for this years festival. The 2016 fest will open submission to filmmakers and artists outside of Texas and will feature two new categories, the "Long Form Music...

Could YOUvolution Be Your Video Coworking Solution?

If you are an independent filmmaker living in Austin TX and looking for affordable equipment and in need of an editing lab with expensive software from the Adobe Cloud, there is a new co-creating company on Riverside Drive right off Montopolis. The business, founded...

The Nature of Directing: What to Expect

The director has the toughest job of all on a film set. A director is father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, to the cast and crew. A person has to be all that, the captain of the ship, but what happens when the journey is rough?

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