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Monday, August 8, 2016 – Connect Film Festival – Flash festival! Submit Now! Screen Monday!

Promote your feature film or best short work of all time. Features & shorts submit now! Final submission push, as low as $4 for AFM members. *This* Monday 8th August Connect Film Festival hosts a special screening & networking event for narrative filmmakers....

33 Audition Tips for Indie Film Actors

Auditions are a requirement for every actor and chances are, you’ll have to do lots of them just to get one part. Here’s a long list of tips to make your next audition go as well as possible.

Promoting an Independent Film Using Social Media

Congratulations! You have completed your film. Pat yourself on the back, but don’t get too comfortable because your ultimate goal is still ahead. Is your film a short or maybe it’s a feature film? Whether short or long form, the main goal now is to secure distribution...

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Pick a Date for Cinco de Mayo Taco Party

Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of winning the Battle for Puebla. This battle is significant because it marks Mexico’s winning independence from the French. The French army was much larger, stronger and had far more advanced technology and equipment. Still, the Mexicans won the battle and stayed independent of the French.