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Honest Film Funding Advice for Your Next Film Project

Let’s be honest about film financing. Unless you have a rich uncle or family member, you are in for one heck of a time financing your film. The fact is, film production is an expensive endeavor. No matter if it’s shorts, features, or advertisements. And you, as the filmmaker, are in for a wild ride. However, it can be very rewarding, when you succeed.
But there’s hope!

Summer Indie Movie Challenge

Let’s face it: we all love summer blockbusters. These are the big films that we’ve been waiting for all year, thanks to an onslaught of marketing. We’re already over a month into the summer movie season, and we’ve seen the likes of web-slinging, a giant lizard,...

Network Austin Mixer

A long-time staple of the Austin film community, the Network Austin Mixer is a networking event in which people in the entertainment, film, music, and game industries.

Austin Film Critics Association

Founded in 2005, by local film critics Cole Dabney and Robert “Bobby” McCurdy, the Austin Film Critics Association is a small but powerful group.

Austin Screenwriters Group

The Austin Screenwriters Group is a resource to serve local screenwriters, providing guidance and support in all areas of the field.

Austin WebFest

We are so proud to call Austin home to Texas’ first and only festival for web series, the Austin WebFest.

Austin Documentary Fans

Love documentaries? Show your support for the local documentary filmmaking community with Austin Documentary Fans, an active, established meetup group. The organization thrives under the enthusiastic leadership of documentary filmmaker Cara Harpole. This is a great...

Texas Film Festivals

Texas plays host to numerous film festivals and video screening events across the state.

Good Setiquette

Nothing is more important than know what is and is not expected when you’re on the set.

Austin Area Casting Directors & Casting Agents

AG Casting Nan Dutton Burton Casting Casting Works LA Karen Hallford - Casting Works LA Beth Sepko Casting & Third Coast Extras Shelly Reese Vicky Boone Casting Donise Hardy Brock Allen Casting

Austin Area Talent & Modeling Agencies

Need representation? Or maybe you need some actors? Check out these Austin area talent agencies. Acclaim Talent Agency  (Austin, Louisiana) Actors Clearinghouse Agence Talent The Atherton Group (TAG) Talent (formerly Ciao! Talents) (Austin, Los Angeles) BLVD Talent...

Austin Video Production Companies

Austin has been listed in numerous lists of best cities for filmmakers to live. Austin also frequently ranks as a great place to start a small business. So naturally, Austin is full of production companies of various sizes.

The ShowGo! Presents Dig

Description The ShowGO! Presents Austin filmmaker Stephen Belyeu‘s DIG, winner of the Audience Award at the 2010 Austin Film Festival. Cast and crew, including director Stephen Belyeu, will be in attendance and will join us after the screening for a Q&A. This is a...

Best Cast & Crew Talent Sources

As an independent filmmaker in the great state of Texas, there are a vast numbers of different places to find talent for your film and video projects. Of course, you will have to figure out which sources work best for you, but these are some of my favorites.

Composers Panel

Much thanks to Cynthia Stein of CUTS Austin for recording and posting these videos: And thanks to our panelists: David Pencil Justin Durban Dan Wilson Lauren Morris

Best Places to Find Austin Indie Film Gigs

Before You Apply The list of gigs below is merely a combination of feeds from the following places: Dan Eggleston's AustinFilmCasting List Texas Film Commission Joblist

Venues and Studios in Austin

Locations & Venues Studios Austin Film Studios Spiderwood Studios Picturebox Studios - 701 Tillery Street, Suite A-9, Austin 78702 - 512.386.7200 501 Studios - 500 San Marcos - (512) 485-3027 Screening Venues Alamo Drafthouse The Blue Theatre - 916 Springdale...

Script & Screenwriting Basics

The following list contains resources related to screenwriting, screenwriters, writing for motion media and other related topics. Did we miss something? Please let us know in the Comments section below.

Why Subway Doesn’t Count As Payment

I saw this very funny clip on YouTube where an obviously disgruntled sound person posted a conversation he had with a producer. Which if you have been around independent film making at all will sound very familiar.

“Field Of View” Improves Productions Through Philosophy

I've seen a ton of "how-to" videos on the web showing how to use a specific piece of equipment or how to do a specific technique.  These are all fine, and might teach me a thing or two, but very few address knowledge over equipment. One of the most lasting...

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