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Giddy: Health and Wellness Video Series Casting Call – Austin, TX

CONTACT: We are currently seeking [improv/comedic] talent for an upcoming video series to be filmed in September. We are casting (3) hosts for a health and wellness video series for our product, Giddy: a new FDA registered, class II medical...

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10 Tips for Living an Actor’s Life

New to acting? Here are a few tips that you'll want to keep in mind for the rest of your career. Practice your craft. If you aren't performing in any roles, take classes. Take lots of classes. Study with lots of different coaches and study lots of different types of...

Is The Feeling of Watching Movies on the Big Screen Gone?

​I was very much a kid of the ‘90s. I remember the summer of ‘96, waiting in line late at night, with a packed movie going crowd to watch “Independence Day.” I was with a few of my friends and I remember watching people with t-shirts and movie memorabilia getting...

Phil Machi Stays Tooned and Inspires Love for Animation

Phil Machi Stays Tooned and Inspires Love for Animation

I recently had a chance to interview artist and content creator Phil Machi about his latest projects and upcoming event. Here's what he had to say... C:  Hello Phil, thanks so much for letting me interview you today. So, let’s start with a quick and easy Q and A. Who...

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