Austin Film MeetAustin Film Meet is…

A support, networking & collaboration community for film, video & media makers of all types & skill levels. We bring people together though a wide range of events & programs. We focus on raising skill levels & professionalism through increased awareness, education & experience. We encourage a sense of community & a pay-it-forward attitude within our group. We help each other by helping each other. We are producers, directors, actors, crew, artists, promoters, writers, photographers, cinematographers, designers, grips, gaffers, sound mixers, sound recordists, sound designers, musicians, composers, coordinators, and more. It takes a village to raise a film!

We believe in helping each other help each other.

We work together to accomplish more, faster, better. We welcome anyone with an interest in pursuing film, video or new media. We are producers, crew, directors, actors, artists, gaffers, promoters, writers, designers, photographers, coordinators, cinematographers, grips, sound mixers & recordists, musicians, sound designers, composers, coordinators & more!

Our Team

H.Cherdon – Founder & Director

H.Cherdon – Founder & Director

As the founder of Austin Film Meet, Cherdon uses her varied experience in the creative arts to encourage and mentor fellow filmmakers and artists in the local film community. An actress and on-camera personality, she has appeared in more than 40 stage productions, two...

Brandon Boggs – Founder & Technical Director

Brandon Boggs – Founder & Technical Director

A graduate of UT of Austin, Brandon has called Austin home for more than 16 years. For the past 8 years, he has been self-employed as IT and networking consultant. Because Brandon and technology are such good friends, he can work wonders on computers and all things...

Reneaux Ruffin – Wordsmiths Director

Reneaux Ruffin – Wordsmiths Director

I'm a military brat who seeks to find the natural in the supernatural. I resonate with characters that are passionate, flawed, and always a little goth. I seek the comedy in tragedy and the magic in music. Magical realism, LGBTQ+ stories, and POC leads are recurring...

Our History

Originally a group consisting of a handful of people, the Austin Filmmakers Meetup was first started by a man named “E” but when he had to move out of state due to a family emergency, Mike Rembis stepped up to the plate. He continued the group as a small social mixer. A little later, Mike also moved away from Austin leaving the group’s leadership to H.Cherdon, who immediately began making changes to focus the group. In just a few short months, she grew the mixer from a small casual beer social to a large community of power networkers. Since assuming the leadership role, our group has played host to a wide range of events servicing the local Austin film, video and new media community. For more than two years, we hosted weekly events on a wide variety of topics from Actors Showcases to Equipment Show and Tells to Guest Presentations to Reels Showcases and much more.

More than anything, Austin Film Meet builds community. We’ve been called “the group that gets things done” & “an AA for indie filmmaking junkies”.

Our events are produced by H.Cherdon and Brandon Boggs of Humblebee Media and supported by a handful of generous, devoted volunteers. Held monthly, the Austin Film Meet Industry Mixer & Open Mic has grown to be one of the largest mixers in Central Texas and has been a staple of the local video and film scene for many years now.

First hosted as the Reel Women First Monday Mixer, it eventually became a joint mixer between Reel Women and Austin Film Meet. After Reel Women dissolved in the summer of 2011, Austin Film Meet continued the tradition.

Venues Generously Provided by:

The Mister Tramps, Taco More on Riverside, Opal Divine’s Penn Field, Brass House Tavern, Maggie Mae’s on 6th, BLUE Theatre & Jenny Gravenstein, Austin’s Pizza on South Lamar, Waterloo Ice House on Burnet, Joe’s Crab Shack on Riverside in Austin, Stompin’ Grounds North, Stompin’ Grounds South, Artz Rib House, Dave and Buster’s, Austin’s Pizza on Guadalupe, Sherlock’s Pub, The Iron Cactus, Green Mesquite Even our members have opened their homes to us: Beky Hayes, Kathy Swift, Louis Weyrich of Shades of Strange. Thank you!

Past Sponsors, Volunteers and Contributors

Austin School of Film, Guy Goldstein (Writer Duet), Aslan Hollier (Actor, Screenwriter), Audrey McGuire (Editor, Producer), Grizzly Moose (Screenwriter), Tim Griggs (Composer), Kathryn Danforth (Actress), Caesar Morales (Hospitality Team), Timothy Brummett (Writer’s Critique Group Coordinator), Leina Cochrane (Web Promotions), Don R. (Wordsmiths Manager), David Pencil (Hospitality Director), Bryan Lane, Jay Bratcher, Robert Murphy, Val Gameiro of Ideal Scene Productions, Rodney Barry, Dale Kennemer of Austin All Arts, Jeffrey Buras, Dan’l Terry, Marc Tucker, Alan Freeling, Bragitta, Bryan Lane, Dusty Oakley, Hannah Morgan, Kate Cleary, Kathy Swift, Leina Cochrane, Leng Wong, Mario Martinez, Marjorie Eber of GreenSet, Monica Smith of Juju Foto Factory, Phil Curry, Richard Hererra, Laurent Dupepe, Joe Handley, Amy Tekell and Ryan Mozek of Placid Sound, Bryan Lane and Kate Cleary of Austin City Limitless Productions, Rita Sharon, Stephanie Harrison of AfterParty Productions, Rachel Stivers, Humblebee Media, Brian Morgan of Missing Shoe Films, Jeffrey Buras (Cinematographer), Philip Hardage (Assistant Director), Zeb Eckles, Marjorie Eber (GreenSet), Eva Radke, Lauren Selman, Ken Rector (IATSE), Leah Weinberger of Edgen Media, Laurent Dupepe, Clint Watson, Joel Valle, Robert Arjet.