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After founding and operating a citywide nonprofit childcare co-op (5 years) followed by a children’s services business (15 years), Judith has turned her attention to edutainment production. Having become quite involved with Austin Film Meet, Judith’s contribution is pivotal to our organization’s success. We lovingly refer to Judith as “The Fixer”, because, well, she fixes things in just the way needed. Petite but powerful, Judith is committed to raising awareness on a variety of subjects about which she feels impassioned, not the least of which is producing media including manuscripts, screenplays, and series such as the Paleo Café & Portrait of a Psychopath via her current company, Public Awareness Media. Judith has been volunteering since childhood, more recently working closely with several departments of the City of Austin on behalf of the Yager Planning Area and Copperfield Neighborhood. Judith’s co-producer is her son, John Dorian, whose skills range from cooking to computers to cameras, and everything in between, as well as outside those parameters. Judith is very friendly, so feel free to connect with her:

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