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Rodney Barry was born in Beaumont, Texas and after finishing high school and 8 years in the military decided to make a career for himself in the arts. He graduated from Al Collins Graphic Design School in 1993 and won the Founders Award (the student with the best portfolio). After working for several design companies Rodney landed a job in production at the Waco Tribune Herald where he output the whole news paper to film. In 2009, he decided to move to Austin, Texas where he has been freelancing in photography and comic book art. He is currently developing a web-comic and doing fine art photography. Like Rodney Barry Digital on Facebook

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Photo of H.Cherdon Bedford, Director and Founder of Austin Film Meet and the Short Film ChallengeI’m H.Cherdon (pronounced SHARE+done) Austin Film Meet's Founder, Director & Host. My soul thrives on creating, so I make things: stories, books, blogs, films, art, side hustles, too many sweets and even people. I’m a passionate, compassionate, glass-half-full kind of person driven by a strong need for deep human connection and a close-knit, supportive community.

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