So you wanna be an Austin Film Meet volunteer? Think you have what it takes? Great!
Still got questions? Read the New Volunteer FAQ. Ready to go? Then read on! It’s time for orientation.

In order to make the process as smooth and as efficient as possible, we’ve decided to post our New Volunteer Orientation online. Please follow these step to complete your orientation and start your adventure as an AFM Volunteer.

Step 1 – – – Setup Account

Please start by setting up an account on AFM website. Start by entering your info in the form fields. Volunteers are able to earn membership through volunteering, so you don’t have to pay for membership. Simply exit the PayPal window. However, you do need to setup an account, so we can give you Volunteer Access. At that level, you will be able to see important pages visible only to AFM volunteers.

Step 2 – – – Volunteer Application

Next, please complete the Volunteer Application. Once your app is processed, we’ll upgrade your account and give you Volunteers Access.

Step 3 – – – Volunteer Agreement

Print, sign & submit AFM Volunteer Agreement.

Step 4 – – – Volunteer Vouchers

Learn about Volunteer Vouchers. These are one of the best benefits of volunteering. Their like AFM volunteer bucks that you can exchange for great perks.

Step 5 – – – Submit Photo & Bio

We’d like to give your props. So, please submit your photo & bio for our Staff Page by completing your User Profile. We like all volunteers listed there. Please include the following:

Photos – If possible, we’d like to include 2 photos of you:
1 – one that is a head shot, an accurate picture of what you look like
2 – another that is you in action, doing what you do
Size – at least 300 x 300 pixels, 72dpi (most any file should do)

Bio – approximately 200-400 words basically describing

Links – a link to your website or websites and any social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, etc) that you’d like to include under your bio.

Step 6 – – – Let’s Meet in Person

Now that you know the basics of volunteering, it’s time to attend a Volunteer Meeting and get to know the team.
Our next Volunteer Meeting event is:
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Step 7 – – – Choose Your Job

Check the Volunteer Hub frequently for updates, urgent notices & ways you can help. Thanks!

Welcome aboard!