Are you ready to hear your script read aloud by a real people? Then it's time to submit for a table read.

Script Submission Checklist

Step 1 - Read this post thoroughly. Better do it twice, to be certain you didn't miss anything.

Step 2 - Review script for typos & formatting. Scripts that are not properly formatted or that contain multiple typos or errors will not be accepted for a table reading. You must fix the errors & formatting first. How? Attend a Wordsmiths Screenplay Feedback Session to be certain you have corrected all typos, errors and have a properly formatted script that is ready for a group to real aloud. Tell the group organizer (typically Aslan Hollier or H.Cherdon) that you would like to have your script read at a Table Read & Review. We can help you get it ready.

Step 3 - Prepare description. This should be a few sentences introducing your project. It should reveal the following:

  • genre (drama, historical, sci-fi, comedy, romantic comedy, horror, animation, etc.)
  • format (television series episode or pilot, feature film, web documentary, commercial, etc.)
  • basic premise of the story
  • If this piece requires any explaining not obvious in the script, such as a period piece or animation, include that information here. But keep it as brief as possible and don't give away the ending.

Step 4 - Prepare the character list. We will use this to cast readers. Please only include characters with speaking lines. Be certain to include the following:

  • Character's name - Please give each character a name and avoid using non-descript terms like "Man" or "Slave Girl" or "Gardener". This gets too confusing for readers. Please, give your characters real names.
  • 1-line character description - Include personality traits that help an actor read the part, not what the character does in the script.
  • Character's gender - Please list this as "M" or "F" or "M/F" immediately following the character's name. If you do not include a gender, we will assume it non-gender specific. Don't assume this is obvious because the character's name or occupation is typically for men.
  • Character's age or age range - Please put this after the character's gender in parenthesis. Please use numbers (30s) or (mid-20s).
  • A list of all characters including name, gender, age, and one-line description
  • Please indicate characters who only have 1 or 2 lines. Put (1 line) or (2 lines) at the end of the character description.
  • Please do not list characters that do not have any speaking lines.

If you are unclear on what this should look like and how to format it, please refer to past table reading events. Your list should look very similar to the character lists included there. If your list is incomplete, written in all caps, complicated to read, or does not include important details like gender, age range and personality traits, your script may not be accepted.

Step 5 - Join Austin Film Meet. If you are not already a member of Austin Film Meet, you will be asked to join. You may wait until your screenplay is accepted for a reading, however either the writer, director or producer attached to the screenplay must be an active member. JOIN NOW 

Step 6 - Attend a Table Reading, even if you aren't directly involved, so you can see how it works and what to expect. You can provide feedback on others' scripts and this helps pay it forward.

Step 7 - Complete the submission form below. Once we receive your submission, we will email you and request the PDF of your script.

SCHEDULING:  Readings will not be scheduled until all of the requested information has been received. Readings must be scheduled with enough advance notice to allow for ample time to find readers, so submit asap.

TYPE OF SCRIPTS: We will consider features and shorts, regardless of genre or intended outlet (theatrical, television, web, etc.) Scripts MUST be formatted with proper screenplay formatting. Scripts with multiple errors or typos will not be accepted.

ASSIGNING READERS: If your script is selected, we will help assign readers for each of the roles. Of course, if you have anyone in mind already, please note that in your email submission. Sign Up to Be a Reader

PRINTING SCRIPTS:  Let's make a greener choice! To prevent paper waste, we ask attendees to bring a laptop or tablet to read the PDF script from. If you don't have one and need a printed script, we can provide one - Just ask. If you are printing your own script, please consider printing on both sides of the (hopefully recycled) paper. Thank you for loving our planet!

DURING READING:  If your script is selected, you will be asked to sit quietly during the reading AND the discussion portion. We ask that you do not answer any questions during the feedback session, as this can discourage honest, open responses from feedbackers. An Austin Film Meet representative will conduct the reading and any discussion to follow. Please do not answer any questions or provide response to comments unless specifically asked by the moderator. It's best to listen to what people say and refrain from responding to comments, other than saying 'thanks for the feedback' in order to encourage open, honest conversation about your script following the reading.

CLEAN UP:  If you are a writer of a script at an event, we ask that you please stay an extra 15 minutes after the reading to help us put away chairs and clean up the facility.

LOCATION: Table reads are typically held at local library meeting rooms, however locations may vary. Please subscribe to our mailing list for event reminders.

RECORDING:  For some projects, Austin Film Meet may make an audio recording of the reading, which will be made available to writers for their personal use only. Readers may be asked to sign a release to participate.

Submit Your Script for a Table Reading

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