For all the folks who don’t live close, we’re taking our monthly table read of locally-written screenplays online. An event for screenwriters, directors, producers, and any film maker with an interest in story development, character development and screenwriting. Detailed discussion to follow each read. Readers needed – assigned at event! If your an actor, this is a great opportunity to practice your craft. We welcome non-writers and writers at all levels. 

Austin Film Meet Screenplay Read & Review

Thursday, April 25, 2024  –  7:00 – 9:00pm


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Meeting ID: 237 940 409 277

Passcode: GCKh7x

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Screenplays To Be Determined – Currently Accepting Submissions

To submit a screenplay…
Please email your PDF, logline, # of pages, list of characters with speaking lines.

HOSTED BY:   Our new volunteer Reneaux Ruffin. Reneaux is a trained, skilled writer and we are so lucky he will be hosting our Screenplay Read & Reviews in 2024. Thank you Reneaux!