FILM MEET IS BACK! … and we’re making a short film!!!

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This fall the Austin Film Meet Short Film Challenge will focus on producing a narrative short film in roughly a month, during September, October and November, but during August we’re focused specifically on screenwriting and story development.

We are creating short screenplays specifically for production by a small crew with small casts of locally-based actors for basically no-budget using only in-kind resources and collaborative creativity for production. 

Write a good short screenplay that fits our theme and guidelines and it may be our next project! Final screenplays are due for selection by August 29th. On August 22, bring screenplays in progress and outlines for feedback and review.

We meet in-person every Tuesday at 6:30pm in East Austin to discuss project progress & learn more about important indie filmmaking topics to improve your skills and advance your career.

Everyone is welcome at any of all of our Tuesday night meetings. Producers, directors and those interested in aspects of the filmmaking process will benefit most from the program, but there’s plenty of room for anyone wit an interest in helping and learning.

This program is your chance to improve your filmmaking game, get hands-on experience and build a strong network of friends who also love filmmaking. Bring a friend!

If you’re interested in coming on Tuesday, Please RSVP to:

WHEN:  Tuesday, August 22, 2023 & Tuesday, August 29, 2023

TIME:  6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

WHERE:  Private Residence in East Austin
Location is indoors. RAIN OR SHINE.

PARKING:  Plentiful, free street parking. 

BRING:  Bring your own beverages & food. Something for note taking.

KIDS:  Kids are welcome. Kids in film and video are welcome to participate. 

COST:  If you find it useful and wish to donate, your contribution is very much appreciated. 
Venmo: @hcherdon  or 
Cash at Door

HOST:  H.Cherdon Bedford – email questions to:  me (at)

WHO:  Austin Film Meet’s Open Mic Mixers are an awesome networking events for anyone involved in the Central Texas film and video, media & entertainment industries. Attendees include filmmakers, film crew, talent, actors, photographers, videographers, sound technicians, art department, marketers, musicians, artists, promoters, festival organizers, and more spanning a range of skill and experience levels. Anyone with an interest in film or video, television, web video production, at any level on any platform. All are welcome.



Screenwriters! We need your short screenplay for production!

We seek short screenplays designed to be produced by our small crew with small casts of locally-based actors for basically no-budget using only in-kind resources and collaborative creativity for production.

Please bring your outlines or screenplays in progress for feedback on Tuesday, August 22nd.

Final screenplays are due for selection by Tuesday, August 29th.

You are not required to attend any meetings to submit a screenplay for consideration.

We seek short screenplays designed for no-budget production. We want compelling stories with interesting, dynamic characters with clear objectives and emotional conflict, characters that audiences love. We want to show not tell. We want stories that make people feel a little better about the world, humankind and ourselves.

Page, Actor & Location Count

  • Count each page, actor and location as a point and do not exceed 10 points.
  • No more than 7 pages.
  • No more than 4 actors.
  • Less is definitely more.


  • No excessive or gratuitous on-camera violence
  • No on-camera weapons, gun fights, fist fights, violence, explosions, squibs or fires
  • No dangerous stunts or complicated fight scenes
  • No overtly sexual content or sex scenes. Kissing is fine.
  • No complicated special effects.
  • No complicated visual effects.
  • No politics please.

Family-friendly Content

  • While your content does not need to be FOR children, we appreciate family-safe content, which means no cussing, no violence, no inappropriate sexual content, nothing a little kid should not see.

Write for No Budget

  • No more than 1 “special thing”.

A “special thing” is anything that requires extra effort and attention beyond the standard shooting expectations such as…

  • Child actors
  • Animals
  • Weapons – even just wearing one
  • Specialized vehicles
  • Specialized locations
  • Airplanes or trains
  • Fight scenes
  • Stunts
  • Huge party scenes
  • Expensive or rare props
  • Elaborate costumes or makeup
  • Simple special effect
  • Simple visual effect

Please submit your screenplays to: me (at) Please include your name, log line, a list of characters with short descriptions, a list of locations and your PDF screenplay. Please put “Film Challenge Screenplay” as the subject.

Need Inspiration???

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