Austin Film Meet –  Show & Tell: Cameras & Lenses
Monday, January 31, 2011
Announcements at 7pm

Omega Broadcast Group
817 West Howard Lane
Austin, Texas 78753
(512) 251-7778

Join us for a special treat at one of Austin’s best equipment houses, Omega Broadcast Group.  This time we’re hosting a Show & Tell for cameras and lenses.  This is a SHOW and TELL folks – an exercise in collaboration. Think back to your early school days when you ever so excited to share your latest toys with your friends.  Voyeurs allowed, but participants very much appreciated. Our Show and Tell will be followed by a light mixing.

Got a video camera or still camera?  Bring it with you to this meeting and take a turn to tell us about it. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive or new or even good quality. Is it worth people knowing about? Does it do something special (night vision, underwater, high-speed)? We’re also covering lenses? Got a special favorite lens you love to use? Please don’t be bashful.

Preparation is a beautiful thing! Things you might like to tell us about:

  • camera name / model
  • why you like it or don’t
  • are manual settings available
  • picture quality
  • main pros and cons

Sorry, Omega is NOT a restaurant/bar. No food or drink available this time.

Newbies and non-members welcome.

Thanks! See you there!