Calling All Screenwriters, Filmmakers, and Actors:

Looking to sharpen your storytelling skills or practice your acting chops? This is your chance to join a vibrant community of creatives at our upcoming online event. We’re bringing screenwriters, filmmakers, and actors together for an engaging group reading of a full-length screenplay or a series of short screenplays, followed by a lively discussion.

In-Depth Exploration:
After the reading, dive into an in-depth discussion where we’ll dissect the screenplay’s structure, pacing, characters, and dialogue. You’ll get the chance to share your insights, learn from others, and uncover what works and what doesn’t. This is a golden opportunity to refine your craft through collaboration and constructive feedback.

Actors, Practice Your Craft:
This event isn’t just for writers. Actors will find a supportive space to practice their reading and acting skills, bringing the scripts to life and adding depth to the discussion. Readers needed – assigned at event!

Network and Grow:
Meet fellow screenwriters, filmmakers, and actors in a supportive environment. Whether you’re looking to develop your storytelling or acting, this event offers something for everyone.

Screenplay Submissions:
We are currently seeking screenplay submissions. Send screenplay submissions for this reading to

Experience Level:
We welcome creatives at all levels. Non-writers are also welcome as we always need readers and value your feedback as well.

Hosted By:
Volunteer Reneaux Ruffin is a trained, skilled writer and we are so lucky he will be hosting our Screenplay Read & Reviews in 2024. Thank you Reneaux!

Austin Film Meet Screenplay Read & Review

Tuesday, July 16, 2024  –  7:00 – 9:00pm

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Meeting will be held ONLINE via Microsoft TEAMS

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Screenplays for Review

Chelsea, Who Lives in Chelsea

by Kevin Machate
32 pages

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With the help of an unexpected roommate, the ghost of queer raconteur Quentin Crisp, an eccentric young woman must prove to her loving but overbearing mother that she can make it in the fashion design business within six months, or give it up altogether.


  • Chelsea – she/her
  • Dorothy – she/her
  • Camille – she/her
  • “Frantic woman” (one line) and “Camille Bjornsen” are the same person – she/her
  • Daisy – she/her
  • Quentin – he/him
  • “Mystery Voice” (one line) and “Quentin Crisp” are the same person – he/him
  • Copy store employee and jogger – written as he/him, but could be any gender
  • Security guard – any gender

Over Troubled Waters

by Justen Michael Roberts
4 pages

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A tale of love and danger in which a passionate and stubborn young woman finds herself entangled with a charming but enigmatic killer.


  • Leo – he/him – Leo is a nomadic figure. He exudes a quiet, intense demeanor that keeps others at a distance. Don’t let his stoic demeanor fool you, he has a complex soul burdened by the weight of his choices. Every interaction he has is a dance between trust and survival.
  • Mikaela – she/her – Mikaela is a headstrong and determined young woman. Her stubborn nature manifests in her willingness to defy all societal norms to stay by the side of a dangerous man. Her character is marked by a fierce loyalty to what she believes in.
  • Detective Manson – he/him – the man hunting Leo

Abide: 1351

by Ty Hawton
13 pages

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After years of crusading, a lone Rider returns home to discover that a supernatural rot has transformed his village and that his wife and daughter are missing. Driven by love and desperation, the Rider begins a perilous quest to track down his missing family.


  • Rider – he/him