Austin Film Meet: Utilizing Super 8 in Your Films
Monday, May 9, 2011
Announcements at 7pm

Interested in exposing “old-fashioned” film instead of shooting digital?  Do you love the look of 24p?  Want to shoot movies with an artistic flair?  Want to work with actual film?  Want to shoot a short film now?  Please, join us for a special Super 8 treat.  Learn why Super 8 is still a viable option for productions, how you can include it creatively in your projects and what the market and demand is for Super 8. You might be surprised!

Presented by Joel Valle
Joel studied at the New York Film Academy in Manhattan, New York,+ and has worked primarily with several 16mm films and Super 8 films. His articles on filmmaking have been featured on Yahoo, filmmaking.net and the Austin Film Meet website.  You can visit his websites joelvalle.com and artistandmoney.wordpress.com