It’s taco party time! We will celebrate potluck-style. We will provide a ton of locally-made, non-GMO, unsalted corn chips, a huge stack of locally-made, all-natural flour and corn tortillas. But we need YOU to bring the fillings and dips. In order to make our fiesta grande, each person must sign up to bring a different taco filling. Your contribution will be an integral part of our meal, so please don’t let us down.

WHEN: Sunday, May 31st, 2015 – 7-10pm

ACTIVITIES: We’ll hang out, eat, watch some videos, swim in the pool & most importantly – celebrate our film independence!

WHAT TO BRING: Your food item, any additional beverages that you want, sunglasses (if during day), a swimsuit and a towel. Sun block, if you use that sort of thing. Business cards – you never know who you might meet!


  • Lettuce / Leafy greens – large portion of shredded or torn lettuce
  • Tomatoes or pico de gallo – large bowl of diced tomatoes or pico de gallo
  • Sour cream – large tub of sour cream, maybe 2
  • Beans – a family-size portion of your favorite beans, black beans, refried pinto beans, spicy borracho beans, your choice, but preferably vegetarian
  • Salsa – a family-size portion of your favorite kind of salsa, corn salsa, peach salsa, spicy, hot, whatever you like
  • Beef or chicken filling – family-size serving of cooked beef or chicken taco meat filling, fajita or not
  • Jalapenos – several fresh uncooked sliced or diced peppers and a small jar of pickled jalapenos
  • Fajita peppers – We will make these fresh on the grill, so bring a bag of fresh mixed peppers
  • Fajita Onions & Veggies – we will make these fresh on the grill, so bring fresh white onions
  • Queso dip – a family-size portion of cheese dip
  • Mexican dessert – flan, tres leches, churros, praline ice cream, you decide!

SPIRITS:  If you wish to bring wine, beer or alcohol, please bring it in ADDITION to your food item. Also, NO GLASS!!  We are located next to a pool.  If you bring glass, you will be required to pour it into a plastic cup. Thank you!

WHO CAN COME: Anyone involved with the Central Texas film & video industry.

COST: Austin Film Meet Members get in FREE. Non-Members must pay $5. JOIN NOW