Join us for a table read of several short film scripts written by Austin screenwriters.

Austin Film Meet Wordsmiths Screenplay Feedback Session for Screenwriters
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
6:30 – 8:30 pm

WHERE:   Ruiz Branch Library
1600 Grove Blvd, Austin, TX 78741
Library Phone: 512-974-7500

This month we will be doing a group table read of several short scripts to include:

SUPER GLUE – Family-friendly Short Film by H.Cherdon

  • Trista – F – 10 – A hopeful young girl who dreams about becoming a pilot and flying away from her troubled home. Reader Needed
  • Harry – M – 10 – A smart, geeky but highly loyal and thoughtful boy who tries to make his best friend feel better. Reader Needed
  • Candy – F – 30s – Trista’s Mom, not a great mom. Alcoholic. Reader Needed
  • Lisa – F – 30s – Trista’s Mom’s girlfriend. Laid back. Likes kids. Reader Needed
  • Narrator – reads all action descriptions and scene headers – Reader Needed

HOPESTUCK – Short film by Aslan Hollier

  • Amber – F – nanny of two who is tired of being cooped up on the weekends and tired of dealing with children. Reader Needed.
  • Ben – M – a construction worker who wants to relax inside on days off and acts like a child
  • Narrator – reads all action descriptions and scene headers – Reader Needed

ARE WE THERE YET? – Short film by Savannah Power

  • Hannah – F – 20s – 20 something millennial, living with her boyfriend Paul in Boston. She’s struggled with depression and anxiety her whole life, but has never seen it manifested in a romantic relationship before. She loves Paul very much but can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. Reader Needed
  • Paul – M – 25 – kind hearted and cheerful – he has no idea what depression is like and has never experienced it. He loves being Hannah’s partner in life and is in it for the long haul. Reader Needed
  • Sarah – M – 20s – a mid western gal living in the big city! She has dreams of being an actress, even though she’s still confined to a 4 beds per room type living situation in NYC. While attending a Christian college in NYC, she recently converted to Christianity and her now fiancée Trevor; while it happened in a whirlwind and she is a bit scared, she has to believe it will work out. Reader Needed
  • Trevor – M – 20s – devout Christian; has been searching for a while to find a wife as is tradition in his family. He met Sarah 6 months ago, and asked her to marry him. He would never put down other’s beliefs about religion, but he knows deep down the Christianity is the real truth. He feels a bit bad for Hannah and all the doubts she has about Paul. It makes him feel better about his love for Sarah because he doesn’t question anything. Reader Needed
  • Vendor – one line – Reader Needed
  • Woman 1, Roommate – one line – Reader Needed
  • Man – one line – Reader Needed
  • Woman 2, Roommate – one line – Reader Needed
  • Narrator – reads all action descriptions and scene headers – Reader Needed

Hope you can join us!

We welcome writers at all levels. Beginning and experienced writers are welcome.

Readers without scripts are also welcome as we always need readers and a lot can be learned from reading. Hope you can join us!

HOSTED BY:   Aslan Hollier & H.Cherdon