And much thanks to Joe Handley, who has been editing his booty off, we now have ALL videos from the Austin Film Meet Actor Showcase that was held on January 11, 2010.

Thanks to everyone who made this fabulous event happen! Austin Film Meet’s next Actor Showcase will be May 17, 2010, at the BLUE Theatre. Registration will open soon!

Please post your comments and thank yous below.

Sheila Bagir & John H.

Rion Wolf

LeRoy Beck III

Marie DuPont

Michael Hankin

Brandi Blevins & Jesse Ferraro

Michelle Joung

Kelli Bland

Kiri Weatherby & Milli Osemele

Roxanna Collingwood & Louis Weyrich

Bryan Lane

Shauna Danos & Holli Breedlove

Laura Elizabeth Ray

Jon Clickenbeard & Jono Frank

Shea Weaver Grubbs

Dimitrius Pulido

Summer Hamende & Rae Petersen

Kacey Samiee

Jenny & Ashley Spillers

David Sturgeon

Travis Harley Nichols

David Gibson

Tara Oslick

Justin Richard

Richard Romeo