Join us for a table read of several short film scripts written by Austin screenwriters submitted for the Austin Film Meet Short Film Challenge. We are currently seeking screenplay submissions. An event for screenwriters, directors, producers, and any film maker with an interest in story development, character development and screenwriting. Readers needed – assigned at event! If your an actor, this is a great opportunity to practice your craft. 

We welcome writers at all levels. Beginning and experienced writers are welcome. Non-writers are also welcome as we always need readers and value your feedback as well.

Austin Film Meet Screenplay Read & Review

Thursday, January 25, 2024  –  7:00 – 9:00pm 

WHERE:   Private East Austin Address 

RSVP below for location

We save trees! Please bring a tablet, laptop or phone you can read from. But if you still prefer paper, you can print out the script using the links below. We won’t judge you. Thank you!


Screenplays to be Read:

QIARA – written by Reneaux Ruffin – 4 pages

PDF Download 

Forever destined to tend to her greenhouses, Qiara wrestles with her health as the only work she’s ever known begins to take its toll.

  • Qiara – Black – Ephemeral, Earthy, Divine
  • Derek – non-descript, hopeless
  • Maretta – compassionate, trusting
  • Unseen Woman – Soft, approachable, worried.

LOCKS – written by Reneaux Ruffin – 7 pages

PDF Download 

A short and sweet, classic spook with a twist. When Tabitha finds her heart overrun with grief, she finds out her sister’s ominous warnings about locking doors may hold more truth than she previously thought.

  • Tabitha – Young Adult – artsy girl with a preppy side.
  • Claire – Older Sister – Punkish, with a spiritual flair
  • Ian – Claire’s boyfriend- himbo energy
  • Ghost – Spooky girlie

THE SEER – written by William Sparks – 9 pages

PDF Download 

Tells the story of a girl initiated as a seer.

  • The Girl — 13 year old female — introspective, watchful.
  • The Crone — 60s female — dominating, confident.
  • The Mother — 40s female — concerned for her daughter but must trust the Crone.
  • The Male — 50s male — overbearing, inattentive.
  • Baby — 1 year old infant.


HOSTED BY:   Founder/Director – H.Cherdon Bedford & our new volunteer Reneaux Ruffin. Reneaux is a trained, skilled writer and we are so lucky he will be hosting our Screenplay Read & Reviews in 2024. Thank you Reneaux!