Script Teacher Robert Arjet

Austin Film Meet Wordsmiths:
Screenwriting Competitions from a Judge’s Perspective

Tuesday, Dec 7
Announcements at 7pm

AFM Wordsmiths is Austin Film Meet’s newest subgroup, intended to focus on writing for indie film and new media. Join us for a conversation hosted by Robert Arjet, a veteran screenwriter who has judged for the Austin Film Festival. Robert will be giving his point of view on screenplays entered into competitions, and what screenwriters can do to get the judges’ attention. He will be fielding questions from those in attendance. All experience levels welcome.

@ Cherrywood CoffeeHouse
1400 East 38th ½ St, Austin

Cherrywood Coffeehouse

Cherrywood Coffeehouse

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The Austin Film Meet is a weekly support, networking and collaboration group
that brings together local indie film and media makers of all types and skill
levels in a safe, friendly atmosphere. We focus on raising skill levels and
professionalism through increased awareness, education and experience. We
encourage a sense of community and a pay-it-forward attitude within our group.
We believe in helping each other help each other. By working together, we
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