You know how you think of something in your head, but once you say it out loud it doesn't sound quite right, or comes out completely wrong? Well, this fits with that because screenplays are the same way.

This event will be a table reading for a feature and/or a few short film scripts. The writers have written their script to the final stages and now they wish to have actors read their scripts out loud. While hearing their scripts out loud writers can get a better understanding of what their story will be like. Some writers have a weakness with dialogue and hearing actors read it can make them notice if it doesn't sound right, or get suggestions to make it sound better.

After the reading we can discuss the script as a group, but the writer is not allowed to say anything unless asked a direct question, but let's try to limit those. Writers will often go into defense mode when talking about their scripts, so it's better to not really give input at all. if a question comes up, then maybe you can just think of a better way to explain in the actual story so people will understand. One could lose sight of the bigger picture if they are busy staying on the defense.

WHEN: Tuesday, February 9, 2015

TIME:  6:30-8 :30 pm

WHERE:  Ruiz Branch Library
1600 Grove Blvd, Austin, TX 78741
Library Phone: (512) 974-7500

SCRIPTS:  We still need scripts. Please submit your script, list of characters and a 2-5 sentence teaser/description. All types of scripts are encouraged. Shorts & features welcome. Please fill out the Table Reading Form. If your script is selected to be read at this event, you will need to join Austin Film Meet if you aren't already a member.

READERS:   We need actors to read various roles in all these scripts. We may still need a few roles filed. If you want to read, please submit your headshot & resume to

WHAT TO BRING:  We will project the screenplays on a screen for everyone to see. In an effort to be as green as possible and save paper, we're asking readers to please bring a laptop or tablet from which to read the script. If you can't bring one and you've been assigned a reading role, we can print a script for you. Simply ask. Also, please B.Y.O.Beverages.

WHO CAN ATTEND:  Anyone is welcome to attend, but only Austin Film Meet members may have their script read aloud.

RECORDING:  We will be recording the readings to further help the writer with feedback.

CONTENT: The Table Reading includes some adult language, adult scenarios and actions of a sexual nature and may not be appropriate for children.

RSVP:  Please RSVP if you plan to attend as either an observer or reader.

Thanks and hope to see you there!


Creative Superhero & Owner of Humblebee Media Hi, I'm Cherdon, the founder/owner/primary operator of Austin Film Meet. I've been involved with the entertainment industry since I was a wee tot. My background involves a wide range of visual, digital, and performing arts, including acting on stage and film, illustration & book publishing, and graphic & web design. I'm also a skilled photographer, with an extensive knowledge of the filmmaking process. I love animals, traveling, learning and people. I also enjoying helping other creatives as a Creative Coach. Learn more about me at

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