Join us for a table read of several short film scripts written by Austin screenwriters.

Austin Film Meet Wordsmiths Screenplay Feedback Session for Screenwriters
Wednesday, May 17, 2023
6:30 – 8:30 pm

WHERE:   Private East Austin Address 
Full address provided with RSVP.

We will be doing a group table read of two short scripts to include:

Title:  The Photograph
Log Line:  When the young children of a poor, rural family in the 1880s fall seriously ill, the parents must race against the impending death to get the only family photograph they’ll ever have taken before time runs out.
Page Length:  22

  • John:  40s, Male
  • Sarah: 40s, Female
  • Olive:  6-10, Female
  • The Photographer: 30s, Male
  • Narrator:

Title:  Humanity Lost
Log Line:  When Marcy, who is fraught with grief, believes she is becoming a robot, her husband must make her delusion solid in order to breakthrough before her humanity is lost.
Page Length:  10
Bio:  My name is Louis Weyrich.  I’m a filmmaker, screenplay writer, director, and composer.  I am working on a group of short to present as my resume.  This script is one of them.

  • Richard:  28 – 30, Male
  • Marcy: 28 – 30, Female
  • Dr Berman:  40 – 50, Male
  • Dr Stevens: 40 – 50, Male
  • Dr Office Receptionist:
  • Narrator:

Readers needed!

RSVP via email to:   me (at)
Send name, email address, what you do in film/video & tell us if you want to read. Also please tell us whether or not you can bring an iPad or laptop you can read from.
Address provided with RSVP

Hope you can join us!

We welcome writers at all levels. Beginning and experienced writers are welcome. Non-writers are also welcome as we always need readers and value your feedback as well.

Hope you can join us!

HOSTED BY:   H.Cherdon, Louis Weyrich