Frequently Asked Questions

What is Austin Film Meet?

Austin Film Meet is a grassroots, bootstrapped, community organization that facilitates a supportive environment for indie film and media makers of all types and skill levels. We offer networking, collaboration, support and education. We host a variety of events throughout the year, such as industry mixers, screenplay critique groups, guest speaker, workshops, contests, production programs and other events. We offer true community, not just events. Read more about us and sign up for our newsletter.

When is Austin Film Meet?

Event dates and times vary based on the event. Please check the Austin Film Meet Events Calendar on our website.

Where is Austin Film Meet?

Currently, we do not have a permanent home. Instead we meet at different locations around Austin. Please double-check events on our website the day before the event for any last minute changes. Please do not rely on social media posts for accurate info. Always check our website the morning of the event to be sure you have the most updated info.

Who is Austin Film Meet for?

Austin Film Meet is for anyone with an interest and drive to make or support indie film and media makers in the central Texas area. Our group includes a wide network of varied talents and positions, including actors, directors, producers, screenwriters, copywriters, film crew, sound technicians, directors of photography, photographers, cinematographers, assistant directors, coordinators, marketers, promoters, graphic designers, scenic artists, web designers, social media gurus, make-up artists, costumers, stunt coordinators and more.

Who runs Austin Film Meet?

Creative Superhero H.Cherdon is Austin Film Meet’s owner and primary organizer. But she couldn’t do it without the help of all the generous volunteers.

How can I support Austin Film Meet?

Tell your film and video friends about us. Subscribe to our email newsletter. Attend our events. Follow us, like & comment on Instagram and Facebook.

How much do Austin Film Meet events cost?

Austin Film Meet goes to every effort to host affordable events that everyone in the community can afford. Many of our events are free or have a small ticket price. Paid Austin Film Meet Members get free or discounted or admission. Please see individual event page for details.

Can you tell me about the Open-Mic Mixer?

Austin Film Meet’s Open-Mic Mixers are the most-effective film and video networking events in Central Texas, and maybe the whole state! The Open-Mic Mixers are typically free to attend and participation is open to anyone. Thanks!

I don’t make films. I’m just a still photographer (or costumer designer or web designer or film festival programmer or film critic, etc.). Can I come to the Open-Mic Mixer?

Yes, please do! The Open-Mic Mixers were created especially for the purpose of bringing together people from ALL aspects of the film, video and entertainment worlds. This includes anyone involved in any aspect of making, promoting or distributing film, video or any kind of motion media on all platforms. Our group includes all skill levels from brand new beginners to seasoned, union professionals.

Can you promote my event/project to the Austin Film Meet audience?

Yes! Please feel free to promote your project or request on Austin Film Meet’s Facebook page. AFM Paid Members may post a short blurb about their project, success or request for help in our email newsletters. We also created several platforms where you can promote yourself to the Austin Film Meet audience. Of course, if you still want our help with promotion? Please consider Sponsorship.

How can I promote my self/film/project to the Austin Film Meet group?

The best way to promote yourself, your film/video project, or your event is to come to an event. Also, tell us about it on the open-mic. Here are some other opportunities for promotion.

How can I sign up to be notified of new events?

Sign up for Austin Film Meet mailing list.

How can I stay updated on the latest auditions, crew calls and industry news?

First, sign up for Austin Film Meet mailing list. Second, check Austin Film Meet cast & crew calls section for Texas auditions, casting calls, crew notices and other film related classifieds.

How can I submit my feedback about Austin Film Meet?

Please submit your comments, questions, feedback and suggestions to us via the contact form on our About page. We do our best to incorporate into our programs as many member ideas and suggestions as possible. We appreciate your feedback.

How did the Austin Film Meet start?

We’ve been operating since 2008. You can read about our history here.

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