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Submission Guidelines

  • Don’t forget to include contact info in the body of the post. 99% of posts are denied because there is no contact info in the post.
  • Anyone may post a notice on our site. You do not have to be an Austin Film Meet member or the owner of a project to post.
  • Please provide as much information as possible in your post.
  • Please include the title of the project in your post. If your project is Untitled, please be sure to include the production or casting company. Posts without a title, production company or casting agency may be removed.
  • All types of projects are welcome, but only projects with a Texas affiliation are allowed.
  • Please indicate the cities/areas in which your project is happening. Posts that abuse this by choosing all options may be removed. You may choose a city if production or casting is occurring within an hour’s drive.
  • Posts must be reviewed by a moderator prior to appearing on the site.
  • Please do not submit the same post more than once per 7 days.
  • By posting on our website, you agree not to hold Austin Film Meet liable for any inaccuracies, typos or mistakes in your post. If there is an error, please. email us and we will correct the error.
  • We reserve the right to refuse posts for any reason we deem appropriate.

Thank you!


Cast & Crew Call Submission

Please read the Submission Guidelines before submitting. Posts that do not follow the Submission Guidelines may be deleted.

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