Other Texas Area Auditions & Casting Calls

Voice Over Class with Ken Farmer – Gainsville, TX

What 2 Billion dollar business in the entertainment field are you not in? If you said AUDIO BOOKS, you win the gold star. Don't miss this unless you're not interested in expanding your revenue stream. Ken Farmer - 40 year veteran actor/VO artist/writer/Director and...

“Fat Guys in the Woods” Casting Call – Texas

"FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS" is #Casting ONE final GROUP of THREE. Note we are ONLY seeking a Group of three that is somehow related: i.e. brothers, coworkers, families, friends, teammates, etc. If this describes you or anyone you know, please email us at:...

“Ghost Valley” Feature Film Casting Call – Austin, TX

Jack Darcy is a down on his luck alcoholic news reporter. After losing his job and facing what looks to be a divorce and bankruptcy, Jack is desperate to get his life back to the way it was. After learning the news paper will be going under, Jack decides to return to a story he had long abandoned.

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