• $100
• Professional stills for your portfolio 📸
• Video footage for your reel 🎥
• Real food & craft services ☕

• Union Status: Non-Union
• Location: Austin, TX 🌆
• Date: Sunday, September 3rd
• Duration: 4-5 hours
• Production Company: Fokus Firm
• Production Type: Professional

About the Project: 🎭
Step into a bar setting where an array of diverse and fantastical characters battle it out in a high-stakes Texas hold ’em poker tournament—for the very souls of humanity! While there aren’t speaking parts, your expressions and actions will be the spotlight; a voiceover will narrate the unfolding drama.
👗 Costumes: If you have a unique costume, let us know! We’re open to tailoring roles to fit your look.

Submissions & Contact:
Please submit a recent headshot, a full body photo, a resume, and a video submission to:
In the video submission, please slate your name, city you reside in, role(s) you’re applying for and anything else you want to include. Or if you have a portfolio/link with that info you can send that.
Open to any race and gender for all roles – our goal is to have a diverse ensemble. All talent must be 21+ which is required by the venue.

Sister Mary Katherine (30-60):
Mischievous yet devout nun. Ability to portray a playful yet dignified presence.

The Pimp(25-50):
Larger-than-life personality, confident and flamboyance. This can range from Sho Nuff as a pimp to Lady Gaga in drag as a pimp or anything in between. Let’s set a new bar for Keep Austin Weird!

Alien (21+):
This role requires physical expressiveness and the ability to create an out-of-this-world character. This character might wear a mask, unless you’re a real alien.

Demon (21+):
Exudes a malevolent charm. With horns polished to a deadly gleam and a grin that could curdle milk, the embodiment of fearsome allure. All body types welcome, but be comfortable in your skin as wardrobe is potentially shirtless (nipple covers will be used for female bodies).

Mobster (21+):
Commands respect, a figure of authority who brooks no nonsense. They carry an air of lethal intent that’s palpable. With a gaze as sharp as a switchblade, they could snuff out life with just a look.