Terry & Kids….
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As an administrator, (but also an actor) one of my greatest joys in my job has been to watch a certain kind of “magic” happen in the Youth Classes….  I’ve never understood how kids “work”, meaning, since I don’t have any of my own, they have always kind of scared me in a sense.  Sure, I have nieces and nephews, but I’m always able to give them back, so to speak, to their parents.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve found a slight twinge of regret that I never had any of my own….regardless, I’ve grown to love the kids we teach at The Actors Arena because they’ve become part of our growing family.

Wait, what’s that?  You didn’t know we had kids classes?


We have a Youth Class that meets on Mondays at our Mesa Class that runs concurrently with our sessions and Terry is absolutely wonderful with them.  It’s like he’s a big kid – and it’s just great to see how he gets them to open up.  They do scene study, improvisations, warm-ups, just like the grown ups do, and this last session was wonderful because we also introduced the business class for the first time and got to include the parents into the classroom for all the questions about the business that we get asked all the time.  It helped clear up a lot of misconceptions about a lot of things, and it was very welcomed.  We have several successful working child actors coming through our doors on a regular basis that have sharpened their skills with Terry and we currently have room for several more.

The 10 week course will have your child’s confidence boosted in ways you can only imagine, and whether they continue to follow through with acting or not, these skills are skills they’ll carry with them for a lifetime.  Some of our children and young adults have been with us since the beginning of The Actors Arena’s inception and we are truly grateful for their time.

We’d love to “add to the family”.

New students can come into the fold right now – this week – to start our new session at a special rate of $290 for the full 10 weeks with only a $50 deposit to secure your spot in the class, and payment plans are available.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE to be taken to our website.  (Scroll about 1/2 way down the page to get to our Monday Kids classes)

Your child will LOVE learning the craft of acting with Terry Kiser and learning how NOT to “act” and spending time with this Award Winning treasured actor.

E-mail Kenny with any questions you may have.

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