We are still looking for a few older characters!
60 Days Casting Call
Production title: 60 Days
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Short
Posted on: March 24th, 2018
Production location: Austin, Texas; San Marcos, Texas
Production Company: Miriam Kalala Productions
Company website: TBA
Director: Russell Reed
Producer: Miriam Kalala
Casting Director: Jourdan Bazley
Shooting Location: Austin, Texas; San Marcos, Texas (must be willing to travel)
Email: 60Daysproduction@gmail.com
Compensation: none; Credit given

Day 2- March 31st
(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time window on either date)
Shooting Dates: August 10, 11, 17, 18
Shooting Ends: August 18
Reshoots: TBD

Email headshot and resume to 60Daysproduction@gmail.com with the name of the character that you would like to audition for in the subject line.

“60 Days” is a short drama film, about a young woman who gets misdiagnosed with 60 days to live and her journey to finding the most important things in life.

Character Bios

MJ - (60s) Witty, friendly and wise; Megan’s warm-hearted spiritual guide. Content with her old age and wants Megan to realize the opportunities she has to understand and enjoy life.

Anne - (Late 50s) African American; Megan's mother. Older and tired. Loving mother. She does what she can to keep the household in shape as she helps tend to her sick husband (Nicholas).

Doctor 2 - (40s) Ethnicity open;

Intern - (mid 20s) Ethnicity open; New and disheveled. Not yet accustomed to the fast paced life as a hospital intern.

Elderly Lady - (60s) Ethnicity open; needs help carrying grocery bags.

Front Desk Receptionist - (40s) Ethnicity open; small attitude; comedic relief.

Nurse - (Late 20s-30s) Ethnicity open; Works at MJ's nursing home.


Johnny - (30s) Ethnicity open; Attractive but selfish. Megan's disloyal fiancé that doesn't treat her right. Only cares about himself.

Nicholas - (60s) African American; Megan's father. Loving to his family. Older and sickly.

Doctor 1- (40s) Ethnicity open; Stout and in good health. Comedic.

Tommy - (8 years) African American; Playful and young; Heather's son, Megan’s nephew

Tiffany's Son-(Extra; 7-10) Caucasian;

Jourdan Bazley

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