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STAGE is a membership organization that offers continuing education to it’s membership.  We are hosting one more Open House this Sunday, January 11th from Noon to 4pm.  We’ll be offering cookies, sodas, and discounted memberships…the last time they will be offered at this low price.   Please stop by, sign in, sign up, have a cookie and register for a class!


Voice Over I Class

w/Bob Michaels
Tuesdays Jan 13th-Feb 10th

This class is widely known as the VO-101 of our area. The class is wildly popular, having even brought in students from other states who seek to learn the art of VO from one of the most skilled and prolific performers in our area. Many talent agents also send their people to train with Bob. The reason is simple. Bob is one of the most detail oriented, technique-centric instructors that you could ever hope to meet. His brand of training grew from his intense dissatisfaction in his own educational experience. In most forms of VO training, the instructor gives the student a script, and then expects them to study it and perform it without any explanation of what they should be trying to achieve or how to achieve it. Bob’s training is all about that missing information.

In VO-1, you will spend five weeks learning the most important facets of the art and business of voice-over, such as VO Style, Voice Culture, Relationships of Sound and Meaning, Script Analysis, Script Forms, Practice/Improvement Techniques, Studio Survival, Home Studio Info, Demos, Agents, Auditions, Marketing, and much, much more. There is copy reading in four of the five sessions, and students must download and review their sound recordings as a homework assignment each week


Class fee $300

“Bob is a Great teacher!” “Bob really knows his stuff!” “I loved this class!”


Auditioning for TV Commercials
(Next offering will be summer)

w/Jeanne Everton

Tuesdays Jan 13th-Feb 17th



This course is an introduction to the actor’s place in the television advertising process, procedures for auditions and callbacks, and audition techniques for VOC (Voice on Camera) and MOS (no scripted dialogue) commercials. Commercial copy of varying styles and lengths and each of the four types of MOS spots are covered. The workshop emphasizes the development of a winning audition strategy, identification of the student’s commercial “type,” and on-camera practice using a variety of commercial copy and audition styles.

This class is a MUST for anyone in the DFW area wanting to get into television commercials!

Class fee $250 for 15 hours of instruction


Feedback from Ms. Everton’s classes:

“Would absolutely recommend this class to everyone”!

“Thank you for your knowledge, guidance, passion, humor and honesty! You are an incredible mentor”!

“This was the most practical acting course I have ever taken”.


How To Prepare for Your Headshot

w/Cameron Spooner, Photographer

Wednesday, Jan. 14th



Headshots are a necessity in this business. First you have to choose a photographer, then set the appointment, then show up. BUT, just showing up is not enough. There are decisions to make and outfits to pull together before you arrive at the studio. Cameron Spooner will help you identify everything you must have in order to get the most out of your time with your photographer. Arrive prepared and leave knowing your session was stress-free and productive.


Workshop fee $25 members/$40 non

Beginning Acting, Part 1, Shaping a Script, the Basics
w/ElizaBeth Bontley
Saturday Jan 1
7-Feb 7th


Scenes, monologues, even copy need to have a beginning, middle and end. This course dives into Stanislavsky’s approach to finding the driving force in a scene or monologue and all of the shifts and variations that occur within it. Learning text analysis and how to make and play active choices are staple skills for actors, for both auditions and for your approach once you’ve gotten the part.

Class fee $160



Youth(9-16) Improv

w/Wendy Pennington

Saturday, Jan 17th
2 to 5 pm

Beginning Improv for teens with actress Wendy Pennington-Smith. Why Improv? Improv teaches you to adapt, being ready for the unexpected and able to adapt on the spot. Improv develops confidence, creativity, cooperation and strengthens speaking and listening skills. These skills are used in every Audition and Performance from your beginning to your seasoned actor. Students will enjoy this 3 hour beginning workshop as they learn and laugh using Improv exercises and games. Don’t miss this low cost opportunity.

IMPROV: It’s Only The Beginning. 😉

Workshop Fee $40


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