Synopsis: "And So It Goes" is a story about a young man making a connection with someone else in a strange but touching way, at a time when he needs it most.

Character Breakdowns:
Eddie (male, 20s, any ethnicity)- A lonely, but nice young guy who lives alone at his apartment living a life lacking excitement. He longs for a meaningful connection.

Brenda (female, 20s, any ethnicity): A sweet but tired girl who's depressed and worn out from her toxic relationship with her boyfriend. She also longs for attention.

Shoot will be Non-paid/Non-union.

Meals will be provided on shoot day.

Auditions will be held the Northridge Campus of Austin Community College. The address is 11928 Stonehollow Dr. Austin, TX.

Shoot will be in Austin for one day and approximately 12 hours.

You can contact me at and via my cell phone 512-940-3777.

Send headshots if available

Skype auditions also accepted.

Joseph Gonzalez

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