Art Fair Fever

Project Type: Independent Feature
Pay Status: Paid & Deferred
Production Company: MFlood LLC
Location: Austin Area
Start Date: Monday, January 12, 2015
Shooting Schedule: 22 Days
Wrap Date: Monday, February 09, 2015
Producer(s): Brittany Reeber, Carmen Hilber
Writer(s): Mark Flood

In this lighthearted parody, a group of students embark on a journey to an art fair in Miami to learn the ways of the contemporary art world only to be killed by the infectious and demoralizing disease.

Casting for the following roles:
• Art Student Ensemble – A group of fervent, fragile art students who lack humility and self-awareness.
• Serious Artist – Female. Age 20 to 30. Principal. An art student that takes art and herself very seriously.
• Guitarist – Male. Age 20 to 30. Principal. A folksy guitarist who sings all his feelings with simple chords.
• Religious Artist – Female. Age 20 to 30. Principal. She is pious when convenient and God touches all her work.
• Linda – Female. Age 20 to 30. Principal. An artist whose sensuality informs all her endeavors, artistic or otherwise.
• John – Male. Age 20 to 30. Principal. A psychedelic John Lennon type, he is confused and frustrated.
• Hipster Mom – Female. Age 30 to 40. Principal. She went back to art school to surround herself with youth. She’s bitter about past relationships and loves to talk about herself.
• Narrator – Male. Age 25 to 65. Supporting. Male. The authoritative voice of the movie world. Voice actors strongly encouraged to apply.
• Olaff Bohannon – Male. Age 25 to 50. Supporting. Megalomaniac artist seeking inspiration.
• Marcel Duchamp – Male. Age 30 to 50. Supporting. A dadaist chess player, he is mischievous, charming and indifferent.
• Mescalito – Male. Age 30 to 50. Supporting. A mysterious, god-like figure who spreads the gospel of art fair to impressionable students.
• Connie the Consultant – Female. Age 25 to 50. Supporting. A polished know-it-all who wants to help advance your career.
• Dealer – Male. Age 30 to 60. Supporting. A reptilian-like businessman who knows how to capitalize on the art world.
• Type-A Manager – Male or female. Age 25 to 50. Supporting. Clean, efficient and passionately devoted to their artist clients.
• Salesman – Male. Age 35 to 55. Supporting. He can sell anything and knows how to put on a good show in the process.
• Hitchhiker – Male. Age 25 to 55. A very disconcerting man.
• Trophy Wife – Female. Age 25 to 40. Supporting. A determined sweetheart who is willing to go to demoralizing lengths to buy her favorite artist’s painting.

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Project posted November 24, 2014