1) the title of the project: Nonunion Commercial

2) whether it is a short or feature: TV Commercial

3) a one or two sentence synopsis: TV Commercial Monday, Dec 8th. Exterior Park Scene.

4) a breakdown of the characters that will be cast (as much detail as you like, the more detail you can provide, the better for your actors):
Upscale extras. All ethnicities See roles:
a) Woman in early 20’s with own bicycle (must have own bike and know how to ride it) $350/12
b) Couple in 30’s. State if you have a significant other or if you’re willing to be paired. $250/12 each. Need pictures of both if you are a couple.
c) Teenage boys throwing a football $250/12
d) Dog walker in 30’s with own dog. $350/12 I will need pics of the dog too.

5) is the project paid; if so, is it deferred or paid at the time of shooting. : Min $250/12 and OT if necessary. Checks will be mailed.

6) will meal(s) will be provided: Lunch will be provided if you are there for longer than 6 hours.

7) are crew members needed: No

8) time/location of auditions (including city): Photo submission to:castinglacommercials@gmail.com. Please include current Pictures-close up and full body, height, weight, phone number, email address. Submissions missing any of the info will not be considered. Do not send links.

9) tentative shooting schedule: Talent needs to be available all day Monday, Dec 8th. Serious and reliable submissions only. Do not submit if you have time restrictions.

10) specific format…film or video (35mm, 16mm, HD, DV, etc):

11) Intended distribution: direct to video, cable, theatrical, cable access, internet, cd/dvd, in-house industrial, point of sale industrial, director’s reel, trailer, festival circuit: National Television Commercial

12) ESSENTIAL – an email address and a phone number (with area code): castinglacommercials@gmail.com

13) are you willing to accept JPGs via email: Yes (do not send links)

14) In what city (or cities) do you plan to film: Dallas, TX

Television commercial is looking for candidates for specific roles. Must be legally able to work in Texas. Pay is $250/12. (Checks will be mailed) Meals are provided if you are there longer than 6 hours. You must be available all day Monday with no time restrictions. Please follow instructions to be considered. Send submissions to:castinglacommercials@gmail.com. Thank you for your time and good luck!