Production Title: Mensch
Production Type: Independent/Student Film
Length: Short Film (10-12 minutes)
Production Compensation: Snacks, meals and beverages, IMDb credit, and a digital copy provided.
Production Location: Austin & Los Angeles
Director: Derek Allison
Producer: Holly Cook
Casting Director: Shannon Cloud

Logline: Corporal James Caputo has experienced a lot during his tours of duty in Iraq, including the First and Second Battles of Fallujah. None of those experiences could prepare him for the burning guilt that he feels after losing one of his closest brothers in arms. Classified as temporarily unfit for duty, James mentally struggles with civilian life and is only concerned with his attempts to change their fates.

Character Descriptions:

Jannat (23) 18-35, Middle Eastern or similar look

Jannat is FarzAm’s sister. She is just out of college and still looking to find her way in the world. After the tragic death of her brother overseas, she confides and connects with the one person who was closest to him. It took her a long time to get over his death and dealt with depression throughout college. Her strong will and determination saw her through this difficult time in her life. Now that James and her have grown close, she wants to be able to do the same for him. She can tell that her brother’s death still weighs on him, even if he won’t admit it.

FarzAm (23) 18-35, Middle Eastern or similar look

FarzAm is a career military man, would possibly even join a mercenary group after his enlistment is up. He has seen multiple tours in Iraq, including the Second Battle of Fallujah. There is nothing he loves more than being in the sand and mud with his brothers in arms, especially James (our main character). If he were to have chosen a college, he would definitely be in a fraternity and eventually a great salesman. He is rough around the edges with a strong personality, but deep down he is gentle and cares a lot about the people he loves.

Dr. Lisa Alexander (38) 24-50, Any ethnicity

Dr. Lisa Alexander is James’ therapist. She has treated a lot of military personal, specifically with anxiety disorders. Her personality is very matter of fact and her intelligence is through the roof. She is the type of doctor that is always on the up and up when it comes to new treatments for her patients. Her attends a lot of conferences and immerses herself in research during her free time. This definitely makes it difficult for her to keep a relationship in her personal life, but her work is truly her life’s passion.

Sam Miller (27) 18-40, Any Ethnicity

Sam is one of James’ best friends from his childhood. They did almost everything together before James left for Iraq, little league baseball, high school wrestling team, valet job at the local steakhouse. He and James lost touch while he was overseas, but Sam still sees him as the same person he has known since he was 8. He has a big personality, can be a little overbearing, but always wants to put a smile on his friend’s faces.

Frank Mathis (56), 40+, Any Ethnicity

Frank Mathis is the President of the civil engineering firm that James has worked for since graduating from college. Although he never served himself, Frank’s father served during the Korean War. So he has an affinity or returning veterans. James is one of his favorite employees because he is always punctual and on time. Ascending to his position quickly, Frank graduated at the top of his class at the University of Illinois despite coming from a low-income, blue collar background.

Audition Dates:
February 10th 2PM-5PM CMB Studio 4A
February 12th 12:30PM-5:30PM CMB Studio 4A
February 17th 2pm-10pm CMB Studio 4D & CMA 3.116
February 19th 12:30-5:30 CMB Studio 4A
Location: The University of Texas at Austin. 2504 Whitis Avenue Austin, Texas

Shooting Dates: March 10th- 13th, 16th-19th

Send headshot/resume/video submission to:
to reserve audition times.