Happy Hamster Casting is excited to announce casting for the  feature film – Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains …the movie.    Based on a award winning screenplay,  this film is a horror-comedy meta movie and not what you were probably thinking. .   Read more about the project at:  www.virgincheerleadersinchainsthemovie.com
We are accepting headshots and resumes for the following roles:
SHANE, male 25-30. He is an excitable fellow, a dreamer, always a step ahead of himself. Has puppy-dog quality, very likeable. Nothing specific physically except he should be on the thin side.  Not skinny, just not stocky or chunky.
CHLOE, female 25-30. She is Shane’s anchor. She is supportive but has her own mind. Average height, weight. Small-breasted. Pretty, but with intelligence. Think Tina Fey. Dark hair prefered, perhaps short.
AMBER, female, early 20s. Voluptous. Her sexiness hides a sharp intelligence. Her softness hides a toughness.
BILLY, male 25. Small, slightly goofy. Blond dreads. Jamaican accent. Stoner. (See Brad Pitt in Modern Romance)
NELSON, male 25. African -American. Nerdy economics major. Precise in speech and manner. On the small side .
TOM, male 35-50.  He should be affable but able to convey a wickedness. He’s is a smiling sadist.
MARCUS, African-American male 50-65. Large, but not fat. Imposing. Wealthy. Confident. Stolid.
BRIAN, male 25-30. Like Shane, energetic friendly, talkative. Average height and weight.
AKASHA, female 25-30.
OTTO: male, 30-50. Overweight, balding. Not handsome. A slobby rather creepy fellow.  Large and imposing is good.
ANGELA: female, 35-45. Attractive  ( potentially filled)
Uncle Albert –  Cast already pending contract.
MIKE BEALE: male, 60ish  Aging Horror movie star who now owns a video and  poster shop.
Auditions will be held by appointment only on Sunday , February 28, 2016  from 12:30pm  to 8pm.   Those selected with schedule conflicts may submit a video by Sunday, February 28, 2016 at Noon CST.  Please notify us about the conflict when you submit your headshot.  Sides and invitations to audition will be sent on Friday, February 26,  and Saturday AM February 27th 2016.  Non-Union and SAG performers welcomed. (Signatory status undetermined at this time).

Submissions should be sent to : happyhamstercasting@gmail.com