The Austin Film Society Interns want you for a short film about Austin Public.

We are making this film to showcase the amazing community of Austin Public Producers. If you’ve ever made anything for Public Access, or if you’ve ever fallen in love with one of the zany creations on channels 10, 11, and 16 , we need your help!

This is an opportunity to:
Spread the word about Austin Public
Get a little cooky on camera
Have fun while doing it!

Let’s have some fun and make a film!
SHOOT DATE: WED APRIL 25th 9am – 3pm
(512) 626-4596│zoedahmen@gmail.com

Casting for:

MIMI – (Female) A Jill of all trades who hosts laid back hipster movie nights, blends smoothies, bakes muffins, mixes sorbet, and creates experimental films about the violence perpetuated on women’s bodies by capitalism, all in the span of ten minutes.

MICK – (Male) A man of mixed talents, and a charming host who’s not afraid to get in touch with his inner Martha Stewart and bake the best variety of muffins you’ve ever tasted. Australian accent a bonus.

BERMAN – (Male) A loveable noodle head who longs to be the next Speilberg but just doesn’t know where to start. He loves Scorsese and muffins, and isn’t afraid to show it.

HAZEL – (Female) A woman unafraid to make a bold fashion statement. She’s an unapologetic chain smoker who means what she says and says what she thinks.

SCIENTIST – (Male/Female) With a passion for the cosmos, this bright-eyed Scientist hopes to educate the masses with their kooky but endearing approach.

SANDRA – (Female) An eccentric believer with ample energy whose go-get-em attitude has led to her latest adventure: an inspirational public access show.

STELLA – (Female) An outgoing believer with a zeal for music. She likes to let loose and praise the lord.

YOUNG HERO – (Male) A stoic young farmer who seeks to learn the ways of Film.

WISE MASTER – (Male) An enlightened educator who passes his skill, strength, and experience to the younger generation. Always in perfect balance: his hard edge is tempered by compassion. Long hair and/or beard a bonus.

LINDA – (Female) A creative woman with a fervor for crafts, and wine. She holds no judgements and only sees the good in people.

WILLOW – (Female) A true artist who’s most at home with the smell of super glue and burnt plastic.

DUDE – (Male) A man of strong convictions who’s favorite movie is The Big Lebowski, and favorite TV show is “60 Minutes.” He likes to rant and pick arguments but, if you get on his good side, he’s the most loyal friend you could have.

Let’s have some fun and make a film!
SHOOT DATE: WED APRIL 25th 9am – 3pm
(512) 626-4596│zoedahmen@gmail.com
Or leave a comment.

All are welcome!