Production Title: Tv Pilot Austin School of Film
Independent/Student/Studio: Independent
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Television Pilot
Production Format: HD

Production Location: Austin

Producer(s): Austin School of Film

Synopsis: A group of juvenile delinquents are transferred from their respective detention centers to an old mansion where they find themselves at the mercy of an unhinged older couple obsessed with the supernatural.

Character Breakdowns:
LA MALINCHE/LA LLORONA (18-26): Cortés’ beautiful native-Mexican lover whose story is told in flashback. Originally a slave, she becomes integral to the conquest of Mexico. When Cortes abandons her, she kills their children and herself. She’s not allowed into heaven and is instead condemned to roam the earth as a ghost searching in vain for her lost children. Some partial nudity for one scene may be required.

THE SOLITAIRE PLAYER: (25- 35) The sole occupant of the office at the institute. She spends all day vacantly playing solitaire. It’s revealed that she’s a patient from the Lucero’s previous failed attempt to conjure La Llorona and now functions as a kind of brainwashed slave for them.

VICTOR (25-35): A very creepy, damaged soul given to self-mortification. In addition to being a driver/guard at the institute, he also works at various state mental hospitals/juvenile delinquent centers, where he was able to scout kids and eventually steal them. It’s revealed that he is the son of Cristobal and Maria. There’s an internal battle waging within him about his involvement in the proceedings.

JOAN (30 – 40): A kind nurse who tries to befriend victor before discovering how unhinged he is.

NANA LOUIS (45- 70): Mateo’s badass grandma. She’s tough and caustic and grows pot. She turns Mateo into the authorities for the reward money.


MATEO (16-23): The leader (of sorts). Brave. Pensive. A bit defensive. He was selected by Cristobal and Maria because he was able to summon La Llorona.

LOURDES (16- 23): Trendy. A little vapid. But tough. Selected because she’s a descendant of La Malinche/La Llorona.

KRISTEN (16-23): Timid. Damaged. In the end it’s revealed that she’s there because she’s a medium. She can see spirits, but her abilities are restrained by the sedatives given to her daily.

NICK (16-23): Blind. Insouciant. He’s smooth and slippery. Provides a lot of the escape plan and knows a lot of little tricks that come from a lifetime of crime. He was selected by Cristobal and Maria to be a human sacrifice due to his sinning ways. He’s the sacrificial counterpart to–

JASMIN (16-23): Butch. Very quiet. Wholesome but with an edge. She’s there to be sacrificed because of her purity, innocence. She was originally in a state mental hospital because she witnessed something horrible and shut down, not because of any transgressions.

Possessed Mother (25- 35) and her young son (6-10) – A young woman who is possessed by La Llorona and tries to drown her child. The child must be willing to get wet and splash around in the lake.

Ernesto (35-50) – Mateo’s uncle. Chubby. Worn out. He reluctantly gives Mateo a place to hide out, but not before a good deal of complaining.
CRISTOBAL AND MARIA LUCERO (45- 70): It’s their “institute.” They are creepy ex-mental health administrators who have gathered children who are in touch with the supernatural. Though their motivations/intentions are initially murky, it is revealed that they plan to use the gathered children to bargain with La Llorona and retrieve their dead daughter from the afterlife. Cristobal is laconic and gaunt. Maria is stern and intimidating.

Audition Date: 12/16/2014
Audition Start Time: 12:00 pm
Audition End Time: 05:00 pm
Audition Location: Austin School of Film
Audition Address: 1635 East Cesar Chavez, Austin, Texas 78702

Paid / Non-Paid: Non-Paid
Other / Additional Compensation: None
Meals / Lodging / Transportation: Snacks and Beverages

Production Company: Austin School of Film
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Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: Auditions will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00–5:00.