Production Title: “Austin Weird” – (Working Title)

Independent/Student/Studio: Independent

Production Type: Feature Film

Synopsis: Fresh off graduation, Sam finds himself and everything he owns relegated to the guest bedroom of his parents apartment. Leaving behind an artful life spent with his best friends at the co-op, he is determined to regain a sense of authenticity in a city that is suffocatingly inauthentic. With no money or job prospects, Sam decides to part with his only remaining connection to his past: a massive collection of records, vintage furniture, instruments, books, VHS, and paintings. With every sale of an object there is a new experience clashing with an old memory, a synthesis that brings Sam closer to his authentic self.

Paid / Non-Paid: Paid ($15/hr or negotiable flat rate)

Other / Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD/Digital Copy

Email Address for Submissions:

Special Notes: Links to previous work/portfolio are not necessary to submit, but if available, they’re certainly helpful. Our goal is to find an editor that understands the “mumble-core” genre, John Cassavetes films, or early French New Wave (particularly “Breathless”) and shares a similar aesthetic with the director. We’re just as interested in the films you watch as the ones you’ve helped make. Potential applicants will be contacted to setup an in-person meeting.