Casting for a UT Graduate Thesis:

Jamaica’s dream of making it out of the old neighborhood almost comes true when she obtains her law degree from Howard University. Her dream is deferred after her mother passes, leaving Jamaica in control of a pawn shop called Black Gold.

Uncle Frank: male, black (late 50’s but can play younger); old school type of guy; helped around the shop when Jamaica’s mother was still alive; helped to raise Jamaica; doesn’t want to see the shop sold.

Miss Penny: female, black (60’s but can play younger); lives in the neighborhood; was also around when Jamaica was growing up; doesn’t want to see the shop go for sentimental reasons.

Janice: female, black (mid to late 30’s); Jamaica’s mom who recently passed; very committed to her shop and the old neighborhood.

Young Jamaica: female, black (6 yrs.); a younger version of our main character; impressionable; looks up to her mother and infatuated with their new pawn shop

Young Pimp Pocket (Clarence): male, black (6 yrs.); a younger version of one of the supporting characters; infatuated with Young Jamaica

Paris: female, black (18 yrs.); Jamaica was good friends with Paris’ older sister back in the day; Paris looks up to Jamaica; wants a job at the shop over the summer before leaving for college.

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