Independent/Student/Studio: Independent
Union/Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA
Production Type: Feature Film
Production Format: HD

Production Location: Houston
Specific Production Location: Katy

Production Start Date: 12/12/2014
Production Wrap Date: 11/12/2014
Production Schedule: 4 days a week

Writer(s): Joan Montreuil
Director(s): LaMarcus Tinker, Joan Montreuil

Synopsis: Case Worker is a film centered around a foster care recipient, who has a dying need to pay it forward. Through her confusion & pain, she sets out to provide every child with the protection that she, herself fell short off. However, what people don’t know,is where she comes from & the hardships she has had to endure has forced her to be the change she wants to see. After she has proven to the world that she will not become another statistic of the system, she finally discovers the true meaning of her existence.

Character Breakdowns:
Faith-A hard-working, sensitive Social Worker who has a passion to protect children at any cost but she has a hidden past. Age 22-26 (any ethnicity) LEAD ROLE

Chloe- Faith friend, who is witty, loud and extremely funny, who sets out to find her mother. Age 22-26 (any ethnicity)

Calvin -A love interest of Faith, who accidentally runs into the back of her car, and finds himself attracted to her. Age 22-26 (Any ethnicity) LEAD ROLE

Destiny- A co-worker of Faith who always seeks advice from Faith to find a man, any man will do. Age 30-35 (any ethnicity)

Hoarder- a person who was found to have a compulsive disorder. This person has lived with this disease for years and now has been reported to CPS. Male Age 30-40 (Any ethnicity)

Hoarder’s son-His mother has imprisoned him with her disease and CPS has stepped in to assist the family. Age 18-20 (any ethnicity)

Mr. Grimes (aka the boss)-This person assigns the cases to Faith to solve. Age 40-45 (male or female) any ethnicity

Board Members 1,2,3- Any ages over 20 (any ethnicity)

Neighbor-She calls police on a domestic crime and awaits to give information to arriving officer.

Detective Gray-He is responsible for investigating a robbery in one of Faith’s cases. Age. 30-40 (any ethnicity)

Mrs. Mantel- Faith’s Mother, She has Alzheimer’s and she appears blank. Age. 30-45 (any ethnicity)

John- Faith’s Nephew, Appears as a trouble-maker and is falsely accused of robbery. Age 18-20 (any ethnicity)

Single Mother- Young, unlearned mother who left her child alone at home, is now in trouble with CPS…Any Age over 20 (any ethnicity)

Mothers Boyfriend-Boyfriend who appears as a thug and involved in street life, he is fresh out of prison. Any age over 20 (any ethnicity)

Father #1- He is the husband of an alcoholic wife. Age 30-40 (any ethnicity)

Mother #1-She is an alcoholic, who has strived to tend to her child but her addiction in getting in the way. Age 30-40 (any ethnicity)

Child #1- She is a frightened little girl who is threatened to be taken from the home of their parents by CPS. Age 9-11(any ethnicity)

Army Sergent-This person notifies a family of the loss of their loved one. Age 30-40 (any ethnicity)

Extras Needed: (any ethnicity)

Crew Positions Needed:
Camera Operator Assistant
Sound Operator
Script Supervisor
Wardrobe Supervisor
Lighting Assistant

Paid / Non-Paid: Paid, Deferred
Other / Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD Copy
Meals / Lodging / Transportation: Meals, Snacks and Beverages

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Email Address for Cast / Crew Submissions:

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: We have previously held an audition and we there are still roles that need to be filled. Please refer to email to request sides to tape your audition. ASAP!