Production Start Date: 06/10/2018
Production Wrap Date: 06/13/2018
Production Schedule: 2 days

Synopsis: Jordan and Kitty first meet late night in a hotel room. For Jordan, it’s an escape from his unhinged sister back home. For Kitty, it’s a way to pay her bills. This night will change their lives, for better or for worse.

Audition sides:
1. Jordan & Kitty

Jordan closes the door and walks toward Kitty who is sitting on the bed, texting. She doesn’t look up at him.
Do you have my donation?
Yeah I do.
Jordan pulls his wallet out of his backpack, lays the backpack down in a corner, pulls a stack of money out of his wallet, holds the stack in one hand, looks around unsure of where to put it, and starts “making it rain” one dollar bills on her. At first it’s slow and awkward, but after the third one he gets real confident. Kitty Stares at him like he’s a moron.
What are you doing?
Donating generously!
Kitty stands up and slaps his hands.
Hey! STOP!
Jordan stops.
That’s not how this works!
Oh, my bad.
Jordan grabs the wad of money and is about to slap her with it, but she catches his wrist.
Do it and I’ll shove that money so far up your ass that you’re going to need a snorkel to get it out.
Jordan is taken aback by this.
He slowly starts to nod his head and the smile returns to his face.
Kitty is speechless. She releases his wrist.
Is that like your niche? I mean, that’s not really what I was looking for, but if that’s your specialty then I’m down.
Kitty is appalled.

2. Mom & Sandra

Get out!
Jordan’s mom is pushed out of the bathroom and the door is slammed. She’s wearing her work uniform. She turns around and starts pounding her fists against the door.
Sandra! Sandra! Open the door! Sandra! Open the door!
Sandra yells from inside the bathroom.
There is a loud bang from the other side of the door. It’s clear Sandra threw her body against it.
Sandra! Don’t do that.
It happens again. Mom drops the clip of money she was questioning Sandra about.
Jordan is sitting on the couch with his phone out, snapchatting the scene. He captions it “Drama Queen” and slaps some emojis on there. As he’s posting it, he looks over and rolls his eyes. Sandra slams her body against the door again.
Mom’s voice is now cracked and shrill.
You’re going to hurt yourself! Stop

3. Garry & Camille
Garry stares at his messages with Kitty.
This fucking bitch.
Garry puts his phone down and pulls a bottle out from his back seat. He pours the clear contents in a small glass and shoots it back. He makes a face and shivers.
Plan B!
He picks his phone back up and goes through his contacts. He calls “Camille.” The phone rings a few times before she picks up.
Hey baby, it’s Garry!
Garry looks at his phone and mouths “This bitch.”
Garry! Tall, handsome, good tipper. I used to come by on Tuesdays.
Garry! It’s been a minute.
My usual girl is busy tonight. Can you squeeze me in?
I’m all booked up tonight sweetheart, but I can get you in tomorr—
Garry hangs up.

Character Breakdowns:
Jordan: Lead (late teens – late 20s) Jordan would never steal anything or physically hurt anyone, but he never seems to be around when he’s needed most. He knows there’s something sketchy going on with his sister, but he’s too distracted with Kitty to care.

Kitty: Lead (late teens – late 20s) Kitty has to deal with a lot of assholes on a nightly basis. But Jordan hits a nerve that sends her back to the darkest point in her life.

Sandra: Supporting (late teens – early 20s) Sandra doesn’t have many friends. Mostly because she told them to fuck off. Recently she’s found an easy way to make money, but her mom definitely doesn’t approve.

Garry: Supporting (any age) Garry is an escort addict who is in too deep to turn back now. He’s tall, intimidating, and tends to get violent when he’s had a few too many drinks. Kitty’s kept him waiting for long enough. It’s time for Garry to teach her a lesson.

Mom: Supporting (late 20s – late 40s) Katheryn will lose her job if she misses another day of work, but her daughter (Sandra) is on the verge of having a mental breakdown, and her son (Jordan) isn’t willing to help.

Camille: Minor (any age) Camille is a seasoned escort who knows how to deal with men like Garry.

Director of Photography
Assistant Director
Glide Cam Operator/Cameraman

Paid/ Non-Paid: Non-Paid
Other / Additional Compensation: Film Credit, Meals, Snacks, and Beverages.

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Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew:
Submissions will be accepted until 11:59 pm on 05/28/2018.
Please send a copy of your headshot and a video reel (optional). You will be required to attend an audition on Tuesday May 29th morning or evening. Time slot will be provided once selected.

You will receive a response within a couple of days of submission. Please be patient.

Shoot schedule is subject to change based on availability.