TITLE: Ruby Woo (short film)

GENRE: Drama/Comedy

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The shoot will be two or three days either the second or third weekend in December, with a few rehearsals in the weeks before. Exact dates TBD.

SYNOPSIS: Paul invites his guy-friend Jesse over to help him clean out his ex-girlfriend’s belongings after a long-term relationship fallout. Tension builds as Jesse struggles to help Paul, while Paul struggles to get out of his own head. As the whiskey-fueled night progresses, this tension begins to turn sexual.


PAUL: Male, 20’s
Paul is an awkward guy who is stuck in his head. His neuroticism is exacerbated by the fact that he has recently been dumped. His desperation to feel better clashes with his inability to be vulnerable around his friend. Throughout the night he attempts to cover this with apathy, anger, and humor, but eventually there is a breakthrough.
Must be willing to kiss a man.

JESSE: Male, 20’s
A confident, laid-back, goofy friend of Paul’s who has an ego and lacks a bit of self-awareness but is honestly a good guy. Jesse spends the night trying to coax Paul out of his comfort-zone, but ends up pushing himself out of his own.
Must we willing to kiss a man.


COMPENSATION: Rate depends on experience. Guaranteed IMDb credit, copy, and food on-set.

Please send over a headshot, resume, and reel if you have one. Live auditions will be held in October.

Lucy Owens
Lemon St. Pictures
(480) 290-9825