ALLOWABLE DREAMS is a short film written and directed by Javier Bonafont that we hope will lead to a feature.
Tentative Shoot Dates Sept 8,9,10

Currently Casting the following SUPPORTING ROLES:

CHARLES VAN CLYNNE, 21, open ethnicity. College senior majoring in marketing, fancies himself a player, a wanna be record producer and mogul with a bit too much attitude for someone with zero actual skills, but personable and humorous enough that people put up with him. Probably works two days.

ISABEL, 45-50, fair skinned, wealthy, somewhat imperious and aloof mother, with a good deal of attitude. One day.

PAPA, 55-65, similarly imperious and meticulously well groomed wealthy individual. Note that this part is a brief walk-on in the short, but it will be a larger role in the feature. One day.

This is likely to be a SAG Short contract, meaning mostly deferred pay.

Please send headshot and any links to work, reels, etc. to

Auditions for these parts will be your own short monologue, so feel free to put it up and link to it if you would like. Thank you for your interest.