We are looking to select one very charismatic fun of personality Taxi driver for our project.

We want a real taxi driver that works in Austin. We will want you to drive the director around fun parts of the city and tell him about stories that have happened to you in the car and hidden places in the city.

You must be local and must drive a regular taxi.

Pay: the taxi fare on the drive + 120 dollars. ( It should be less than 1.5 hours)

Dates: 03/15- 03/16 You will be selected for one of this days.


Please send a one minute video of you in your car, saying something a place in Austin ( A place that there is always traffic/ or a famous pub you can see celebrities or where people always ask you to drive to. ) and a story of someone who have picked up, or something that has happened in the car. Please be very natural and casual. Its a conversational, you shouldn’t be reading anything.

IMPORTANT: We are not looking for trained actors , WE WANT REAL PEOPLE.

REPLY to this email and include your availability for one of the dates 03/15 and 03/16

INCLUDE: one the subject of the email ” TAXI DRIVER AUSTIN” your availability and your video. send to them email casting.gio@gmail.com