Production title: “Clay Monster”
Production type: student
Project length: short film (5 min)
Logline: Denver is a struggling alcoholic who is trying to suppress bad memories that scarred him from his childhood. These memories are slowly revealed through the stop motion film he is working on. This short film will jump back and forth between his reality and the world he is creating with his stop motion. Despite his efforts, the past isn’t finished with him yet.
Audition date/time: Nov. 11 (5-6:30)
Audition Location: UT Campus: CMB 4.122
Production Location: Austin, TX (North Campus)
Phone number: (970)-462-5811
Paid / Unpaid: Unpaid
Compensation: Vimeo link to finished product, film credit, meal
Production date: Nov. 14 (evening)
-Denver (18-25): will only be needed on Thursday (Nov. 11) from 5pm-10:00pm
-there is no dialogue in this short so please bring a monologue to read at auditions, otherwise there will be one provided for you
– I look forward to working with you and am excited to collaborate with you on this project!
– If you are interested in the part, or have any questions, please email or call me. Thank you!